Mysql configuration

Is it possible to restrict maximum number of rows retreived for each user for a query in mysql  configuration ?
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Not sure what you are as,I got, how are you determining how many rows what is the basis on which you want to impose this restriction? What if the response to a query us 100 rows, but you set  the restriction at 50?

Yes, you would do it in the query using limit 1,50
Get the first 50.
51,100 will get the next 50.
Does the user create the query?

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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
I mean a global configuration to retrieve all users not to return, say 10000 rows .... Is it possible ?
Pallavi GodseSr. Digital Marketing ExecutiveCommented:

If you restrict a LIMIT 3000 in your query then it is possible to produce the result without generating the complete result set first.

For example, the following query:

SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY column LIMIT 3000
This query will need to scan the whole table unless there is an index on column.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Even if there is, it would not be a practical limit.  As Emma pointed out, some queries will scan the whole table anyway when there is not an index to speed it up.  If you limit the results to 1000 rows on a table that contains 10 million rows, some queries will still have to scan all 10 million rows.

Of course, if they are returning 10,000 rows to a web page, that's kind of stupid in the first place.
What is your ultimate goal?

It is inevitable that your restriction will be too low as it would make no difference otherwise.

What is the context for your request?

If a request to produce items sold last week, and the restriction will lead to the response being useless as it lacks all the information because of your restriction.

you can limit the size of memory you allocate per query, but that could lead to complex queries failing to execute or if not, will take a long time to run and could be terminated for taking too long.

You seem to be looking to do something like restricting the distance a car can go at one time without the context what the distance of 90% of the trips. ......
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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MySQL Server

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