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Html Table into Excel - html table not displaying as an option


Any particular reason why the table on this page: is not available to download?

I've attached a screenshot of Excel - > Data -> Get External Data -> From Web

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Ryan Chong
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there's a javascript error which probably prevent your webpage to be downloaded "completely".

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attached is the data imported from web.

is this consider imported "successfully" ?
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Jann Krynauw


Thank you, I was also able to import the details as per your attachment and is not ideal

I'm the developer of the website as well with LiveChat as an addin.
Here is an example of the same table on a page without any scripts
ok result as attached if query to
I just would like to import the table not the page
apparently that page contains other info, so you need to write a macro to clean the sheet that was imported so that eventually you can get the table you wanted.
any ideal formatting one could apply to a page? html tags? that will make the standard excel import function work properly?
MS Office refers to <pre> or <table> tags only

I do not want to use any macros.
by using Get External Data wizard as what we have tried, it seems that these are the results we get >> what we see is what we get.

it seems that no shortcuts for us to get the desired table, UNLESS we need to do some processing on the page we have imported/download, which may require some programming/ macro.

>>any ideal formatting one could apply to a page? html tags? that will make the standard excel import function work properly?
probably you can create another page in the web portal so that it ONLY contains the HTML of the expected table, and then we can try the Get External Data wizard to see if we can get the expected result....
seems like since most modern websites are no longer table based design, this 'Get External Data' feature do not work well with never websites.

I've attached two files.
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Jann Krynauw

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>>so in short, it is not possible to have a 'clean & simple' setup - one has to use macros or third party software to pull data from newer websites.

I think we may need to do some text mining in order to get what you need, but it would need to compare with the HTML codes (tags) that have been downloaded from web to your local.
there was no solution, so I marked my own comment as the solution.