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Can't Map to any drives (even C$) on a new virtual server 2012 R2

I try mapping to the root drives (i.e. C$ or D$) with IP and server name of a new virtual machine running server 2012 R2.  This is the first 2012 server in my OU.  I keep getting "Windows cannot access 192.X.X.X".  Server is joined to a domain.  I can rdp using server name and IP.  I can ping ip and server name.  Did a flush and register dns, rebooted etc..  Is there some firewall setting or network sharing setting i'm missing ?
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Can you map to a regular folder?

Make sure your admin user ID is a member of the main admin group that can map C$ and D$. I can map to any folder of a client Server 2012 including C$ and D$ . The server is real, not virtual.

I think the issue is a permission problem not firewall the way you describe it.
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The user under which you are trying to map those shares should be a local admin on that remote machine as well.
When you look in network and sharing center in Control panel what type of network does it say the server is one, domain? While you are there check your advanced sharing settings in the upper left of that screen.
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