What controls my computer times?

I have exchange server 2013 and AD server 2012 R2 and a SonicWall TZ 190, something is off because all computers on the net work are 9 minutes fast, but I can't find a setting in anything that is off.  If you try to change the computers time it says it is managed by the administrator but on the sonic wall and AD server the times are correct.

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RayData AnalystCommented:
I generally hate answering questions with another link, but I think you'll find your solution easier by me doing so on this one.

Main article

main article links to this one
FosterThomasAuthor Commented:
When I try and run cmd prompt   w32tm /query /source from my computer it says access denied, when I run that same thing from my AD server it says Local CMOS Clock

However I am logged in as the same Admin user on both machines when running this so why would it be denied on the laptop?  

Being the AD server says local CMOS clock would be that is not the time server correct?  

Also while logged in as the Administrator on the AD I can change the time if I wanted to, on the laptop it says this is managed by your organization (but im logged in as the administrator).

Im running in circles here and nothing seems to make sense to me, but that's nothing new.
FosterThomasAuthor Commented:
Sorry I wasn't thinking, I ran CMD as an administrator.

Now on the laptop I ran w32tm /query /source and it says local CMOS Clock, however I cannot change it because it says it is controlled by my organization, so how can it be pulling local CMOS clock but being controlled by my organization, every computer on the network is off by 7 minutes.
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi FosterTohomas,

1. CMOS - Are you sure your CMOS batteries don't need replacing? What happens with you look at the time in the BIOS is it off too?

2. Time Zone - silly but make sure they are all in the correct time zone and no that would not necessarily mean ones in the wrong time zone would be off by hours depending on how they were setup and considering DST (if it applies to you).

3. Malware - Your computer may have been hijacked by a virus that tweaks with your computer time. To fix it, you need to gather a few tools. First, make sure your anti-virus program is up to date with the latest virus definitions. Then get a good malware scanner, for example MBAM (https://www.malwarebytes.org).

Once you have all these tools downloaded, updated and installed, start in Safe Mode and run them. It’s important to start in safe mode because the malware won’t launch and be active when you choose this boot mode. This means that it is less likely to escape detection and removal.

Everything in your network is pointing to your local AD for time sync, correct?

Let me know how it goes!
FosterThomasAuthor Commented:
How do I point to my local AD?  That's the issue I am having I guess
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:

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