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Use REPLACE function with like operator

I would like to use the REPLACE function to replace specific text in a field.  I only need to replace that portion of identified text in the field and leave the remaining text before and after the replace intact.  How do I go about achieving this?  I assume the LIKE operator is needed in some fashion?
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Give us a before and after data mockup of what you're trying to pull off here...
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In the example below would like to change the path information where field LIKE %H:PATH1\PATH2\PATH3% to %Z:\ABC\PATH1%.  There is text before and after this value.




you can use a charindex instead:

--update table set <field> = replace(<field>, 'h:PATH1\PATH2\PATH3', 'z:\abc\path1') 
select <field> as old, replace(<field>, 'h:PATH1\PATH2\PATH3', 'z:\abc\path1') as new
from table
where charindex( 'h:PATH1\PATH2\PATH3',<field>) > 0

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I get the following error:

Argument data type text is invalid for argument 1 of replace function.
The field is the column name of your table . . . as we don't know your schema the answer needed to be generic.
I understand.  I put the column name in and received the above error.
What is the field type for the column (EG: Varchar, xml?)
It is text.  Do I need to convert the field?
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