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misplaced footer on several pages.

Hi, on mobile, a lot of pages are showing the footer floating up over the content on I'll upload the client's screenshots, and name them the url they reference.

ON the second shot, it could be:, but it could be any of the links on the left. I'll try to narrow it down.
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Hey Mel,

Sorry for delay, been a "fun" day.  So it looks like you have a few issues going on.
The first one you posted works fine for me, but probably shouldn't...
In that one, you have the main footer INSIDE the .wrapper object, which semantically it probably shouldn't be.  But that one displays fine for me.

For the other two, which are overlapping (meaning #3 and #4, no url provided for #2), you have a specific height:75px set for .wrapper which is what's messing up the footer.  if you remove that height element, it seems to display properly.
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Thanks, and no problem, I'm very glad to hear from you. :) I''ll go over those pages now.
OK... I'm not seeing what you're seeing at the moment. If I look at it in bootstrap, and click the wrapper, I don't see a height.

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OK, I took everything from end of content down from this page:

and put it into

I think that worked, would you mind checking on your phone? Thanks.
Sure, in the meantime, the issue was on line 37 of style.css:

@media only screen and (max-width:529px) {
	.wrapper, #Stage {
		background-size: 145% 100% !important;
        height: 75px;
        width: 70%;

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Thanks, I'll remove that.
Have a look at the screen cap, there's still a few orphaned / missing end tags:
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Thanks, I'll get rid of those.
Hi, I went through it. On the lower section, I now have it like this. I've highlighted the beginnings and ends or rows, and it looks right to me, How does it look on a phone? My emulator still says it isn't fixed. Thanks

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Thanks a bunch! I'll ask the client if it works on his phone now, and we'll go from there. Thanks for all the help.