New Web development for large scale application for existing Windows product.

What is the latest technology for web development like patient portal (Health care product).
Is single page application preferable? Which one do you prefer.  It should be salable and better performance.
Our Target Technology: .Net Framework  >= 4.5 , HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Dapper, Angular, Web Api, MSSql Server.
Our Target Platform: Windows, Mac.
Our Target Devices :  desktop, Tablet, mobile

Presentation Layer
Which css framework do you prefer for large scale application. Like Bootstrap, Foundation, Materiel Design,
Which Third parity controls do you prefer for UI development. like infragitics, Telerik, etc (especially grid control)
Which javascript framework is good for large scale framework. like Angularjs, Ember, Winjs, Extjs, or javascript native code, etc..

Service Layer
Which identity provider do you prefer for small and large scale application.
Which one do you prefer for rest service?  WCF / Web Api.
How to secure Rest service other than SSL. (Message level Security)

Data Access Layer
Do you prefer any ORM for Data access layer (MS Sql server - Express edition  ) like Dapper, Entity Framework, Nhibernate, or pure Hand code ?
Natarajan GanapathiAsked:
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Single page applications are preferable with tablet and mobile apps simply because ater the initial load (which may have been cached from previous usage) only raw data gets passed around (which if you compress gets even smaller). It gives a lot faster impression to the user as a reload.

I use AngularJS and Bootstrap straight out of the box. Since like me you are just starting or just started, try to stick to Best Practices which you will find on the web. Also try to use open source components  which are tried and used by others. This reduces development AND testing time.

By Identity provider I presume you mean authentication. Today one should use Bearer Web Tokens, falling back onto session cookies only if you have to support old browsers. Which software one should use I'm not sure because I'm just starting that phase. BUT allowing your users to use things like Google, Twitter, facebook or Microsoft accounts means that you only need to store E-mail addreses AT THE MOST, so there are fewer problems of maintaining security.

Now all of that runs in the client, and excepting IE, most browsers are fast enough to handle that amount of JS code. But "scalable" on the server side, the implications of using Dapper suggest that the server side data is not in a form suitable for direct use in the client.

The key is Model, View and Controller. The Model part is provided by the server, and for the client, delivered in JSON or XML format. The App Logic is client side in the controller. The server provides just the fetch, store and search capabilities. Nothing more. It is terribly important to get the model correct - what data will be presented to the client and what data will come from the client BEFORE starting any deveopment. Whether Dapper or the like will help with the data impedance matching I don't know because I have switched away from normalised SQL to an XML database with an extra database ElasticSearch for searching. All my XML is schema based with a one-t-one mapping to JSON.

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