SharePoint  libs and multi views not appearing

Stephen Weber - MCSE, CCNA
Stephen Weber - MCSE, CCNA used Ask the Experts™
I created 3 views associated with a single document library and added this to the SharePoint webpage. If I click on the lib and go into the library, the three views are accessible. But on the webpage the views are not., I can select any view as a default view, but can not display all three on the page. Is it possible to display all the defined views for a user to select? First image is the webpage without the multi views and the second is the library with the multi views.
Wepage view without multi viewsLib with Multi Views
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MontoyaProcess Improvement Mgr

I'm a little confused by the question, but I'll give you my two bits.

When you add an app to a page, you can choose which view to represent on that page and, yes, you can have multiple of these apps, all pointing to the same library, display your data differently with each one.
When you display them in this manner, however, you usually don't have the views selected within the app. Does that make sense?
The short answer is "no, not in a single web part"


If I understand you correctly you would like to mimic the document library behavior within a custom page.  That is, you want to see a list of views at the top of the document library so your users can flip through them.  The listview webpart (when you add a doc library to the page) does not function this way.  The listview is really just a one-trick pony.  Even the "enable search" checkbox only shows a search if the listview style is set to basic table.  

You have two options:
  1) Direct the user to the Document library page so they can use the library's functionality instead of the listview web part

  2) add the library to your page multiple times with each instance getting a different view.

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