Help reading XML using .NET

At the bottom of this post is some XML that's part of a larger XML file.  It's MobiXml.     I need to extract data from the text elements.   I know I can loop through all the elements, but I was hoping there was something built into .NET that would do a Find/Search for me.  For example, I want to find the "DHS CASE NO.:" text.  

 Thanks in advance.

-<pdf2xml pages="14">


-<page height="792" width="612">

-<font src="pdf_font1.ttf" face="SNVWDV+Helvetica-Bold" size="12">

<text height="13.406" width="145.344" y="49.463" x="39.075">CUA IN-HOME SERVICES</text>

<text height="13.406" width="65.326" y="62.963" x="79.085">REFERRAL</text>


-<font src="pdf_font1.ttf" face="SNVWDV+Helvetica-Bold" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="62.337" y="46.969" x="207">DHS CASE NO.:</text>


-<font src="pdf_font2.ttf" face="DCOOGC+Helvetica" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="27.523" y="46.969" x="285.75">639874</text>


-<font src="pdf_font1.ttf" face="SNVWDV+Helvetica-Bold" size="12">

<text height="13.406" width="175.33" y="49.463" x="398.707">PHILADELPHIA DEPARTMENT</text>

<text height="13.406" width="128.676" y="62.963" x="422.035">OF HUMAN SERVICES</text>

<text height="13.406" width="136.658" y="76.463" x="418.045">CHILDREN AND YOUTH</text>


-<font src="pdf_font1.ttf" face="SNVWDV+Helvetica-Bold" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="52.247" y="62.719" x="207">CASE NAME:</text>


-<font src="pdf_font2.ttf" face="DCOOGC+Helvetica" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="40.334" y="62.719" x="285.75">ANTHONY</text>
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi  HLRosenberger;

You can use Linq to XML to query an XML document and return the information you need. XML is  very dependent on the schema of the document. So in order to answer your question with a better solution you will need to supply a well formed XML document and what you need returned.

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 Your code goes here 

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Voila_Capture-2015-08-31_04-25-37_PM.png The end result will look like this. Final results
You also might want to look into using XSL. It can query large XML files, fast. Just a thought.

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