sql query

Can someone tell me what is wrong with my query.
[%0] is a variable.

I am trying to getting where the users as to enter either between dates and customer code or serial number or reference number.

When i enter only reference number it works fine, but when i enter only between dates and customer code, it is pull all the records.  Can someone help me with the query please.
Select      Distinct T0.DocNum 'SR No',
            T3.DocNum 'AR Credit No',
            T0.DocDate 'SR Date',
            T3.DocDate 'Credit Date',
            T0.DocDueDate 'SR Due Date',
            T3.DocDueDate 'AR Due Date',
            T0.CardCode 'Cust Code',
            T0.CardName 'Cust Name',
            T0.NumAtCard 'Cust Ref No',
            T5.DistNumber 'IMEI No',
            T0.DocTotal 'SR Total Amount',
            T3.DocTotal 'Total Credited',
            T0.DocTotal - T3.DocTotal 'Diff' From ORDN T0
INNER JOIN RDN1 T1 ON T1.DocEntry            = T0.DocEntry
INNER JOIN SRI1 T4 ON T1.ItemCode            = T4.ItemCode
                              AND T1.LineNum            = T4.BaseLinNum
                              AND T1.DocEntry            = T4.BaseEntry
                              AND T0.DocNum            = T4.BaseNum
INNER JOIN OSRN T5 ON T4.ItemCode            = T5.ItemCode
                              AND T4.SysSerial      = T5.SysNumber
INNER JOIN RIN1 T2 ON T2.BaseEntry            = T1.DocEntry
                              AND T2.BaseType            = T1.ObjType
                              AND T2.BaseLine            = T1.LineNum
INNER JOIN ORIN T3 ON T3.DocEntry            = T2.DocEntry
                              ( T0.DocDate >= [%0]
                              AND T0.DocDate <= [%1]
                              AND T0.CardCode LIKE '%[%2]%')
                                        OR (T5.DistNumber = [%3])
                              OR (T0.NumAtCard LIKE '%[%4]%')
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Shiju SasidharanSenior IT DeveloperCommented:
                              ( T0.DocDate >= Cast([%0] as datetime)
                              AND T0.DocDate <=Cast( [%1] as DateTime)
                              AND T0.CardCode LIKE '%[%2]%')
                                        OR (T5.DistNumber = [%3])
                              OR (T0.NumAtCard LIKE '%[%4]%')
romeiovasuAuthor Commented:
No if i remove  OR (T5.DistNumber = [%3])
                              OR (T0.NumAtCard LIKE '%[%4]%')
these two line items i get the correct data, but once i enter OR, it is pulling every customer and every date records.  Something is going wrong with my OR.
Shiju SasidharanSenior IT DeveloperCommented:
What is your search requirement with DistNumber and NumAtCard if values are provided?
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romeiovasuAuthor Commented:
Yes. or they should be able to search either by only one serial number or by ref number.
first 3 or 1 part, 4 and 5 like OR.
PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Please try:

WHERE (T0.DocDate >= [%0]
          AND T0.DocDate <= [%1]
          AND T0.CardCode LIKE '%[%2]%'
          AND [%2] IS NOT NULL)
      OR (T5.DistNumber = [%3]
          AND [%3] IS NOT NULL)
      OR (T0.NumAtCard LIKE '%[%4]%'
          AND [%4] IS NOT NULL)

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If that does not work then also/instead check that %2, %3 & %4 are not empty strings e.g. AND %2 <> ''

NB: IF [DocDate] is just a date field then what you have will work as expected. If however [DocDate] has times of the day other than 00:00:00 then it would not be accurate.

also be careful with format of %0 & %1, the safest of all date literal formats to use in SQL Server is YYYYMMDD

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romeiovasuAuthor Commented:
Only numatcard is working perfectly, if i enter only distnumber it shows all records instead of just one record. Same thing with between dates and customer code.
PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
What we know about your database and parameters can be seen inside the rectangle below
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |
|                                                                           |

Please display EXACTLY what code you last tested, and provide information about the parameter values you are injecting into the code

I would further suggest you supply some sample data and the expected results for each of the 3 filters you are seeking.
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