How do I remove encryption from a cruzer USB

How do I remove encryption from a cruzer USB. I want to make the drive a simple data drive.
Was trying to install a Kubunto distro directly on it. (Had been trying to install a pervasive build but while build succeeded, changes made were not saved).

This time all was good until I got a password fail at the final part of the build.
During the build I put in the USB - password as the login password on the build.

I am presuming this is the encryption stopping it?

Was using pendrivelinux to do.

Any assistance gratefully received.
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Should just be able to reformat the drive in disk management.
What device is that, a sandisk usb drive, model cruzer?
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
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gavin_dAuthor Commented:
McKnife, yes it is a scandisk USB Cruzer model.
While I can format the drive once it is unlocked.......
.............................................I cannot remove the read only partition which has the cruzer software.

Wanted to make this an unencrypted 16GB drive.

However, as I am writing this I am trying pendrivelinux to create a distro with persistence.
gavin_dAuthor Commented:
Benjamin, your post just came in as I was writing the above.
I will give this a go later.
Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
Did you try diskpart?
there is probably a small partition that needs to be removed. disk management should allow you to see it. diskpart from the command line should also work.
gavin_dAuthor Commented:
hi Adamdalg, none of the Windows disk management tools will allow me to remove or format this partition. Even attempting to delete the contents gets a read only warning a refusal to delete
I just finished using pendrivelinux to create an installation with persistence. However all that happened was it unpacked the files to the USB and if I try to run the drive.........on boot the only option is to install, not as I was expecting (as with Ubuntu) to "try" where I can launch the OS............
Have to come back to this in the am.

Thanks to all.
The cruzer models that I know have no special partition but only a proprietary software on them. You can format them at any time*.
Since this is not true for yours:
What model is yours?
What's the output of diskpart/diskmgmt?

*(after backing up your data) and you will be able to reuse that software later on if you like.
It's this free software which works only on sandisk drives:
V3 (new, but still buggy, it seems)
gavin_dAuthor Commented:
Interesting result......................................
"How do I remove encryption from a Cruzer USB. I want to make the drive a simple data drive."...................................................
I tested this on a Cruzer Enterprise FIPS Edition, Version 2.5 - 8GB
Idea was to remove the 10.1MB partition with the Enterprise_Launcher and create a full 8GB unencrypted USB, to install Kubuntu on.
adamdalg, this partition appears to be hidden from Compmgmt.msc and cmd line.
NB. At all times I could format the 7.75GB partition (but only when unlocked).
 It was the 10.1 (Enterprise_Launcher) partition I could not access or format.
However, as suggested I used a my scandisk to test running diskpart, using elevated CMD line to run.
While this did run successfully. I now find that I cannot format 7.75GB partion either through cmd line or windows.
And the 10.1 MB partition is still there and inaccessible.
Cruzer software no longer sees this drive.
When I manage to get the drive letter up - and try to format - the disk is unknown, unknown capacity, and unknown file system
If I try to format - I get various exception errors.

I am very grateful to any additional suggestions.
For more suggestions, please do a screenshot in diskmgmt.msc and upload it.
gavin_dAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sticking with this McKnife.
Cruzer model is:
Enterprise FIPS Edition
Version 2.5
FW Version 6.615
SDK Version

I have done screen grabs of:
1. The Cruzer drive plugged in - not logged in. It now does not show as a drive at all
2. Logging in to decrypt - drive shows (7.57GB - not the 10.1GB launcher), however will not accept drive letter allocation to format - all attempts to create a working drive fail. Eventual result - crashes disk management consul.
3. One of the errors thrown up during this process
4. Trying to format - you can see drive now has unknown capacity etc - and disk management is now unable to connect to the Virtual Disk Service - with or without USB in.
Cannot restart in Services.

Attempts to reformat the drive using command line have not been successful for either 7.57GB partition or 10.1GB.
And attempts to access to remove the 10.1GB launcher partition have been unsuccessful.

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I have no idea how that thing works, but as I can see, it has a software component that might be preventing the formatting,

So shut it down and retry. If not successful, contact their support or simply buy a new drive, they're so cheap and much faster than this old thing.
gavin_dAuthor Commented:
There was no correct solution forthcoming. Question was left open in the hope it attracted a workable solution. This did not happen. Closed unresolved.
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