In Access 2013, what is best way to  'link' to a photo of an applicant or employee?

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I'd like to be able to NOT STORE employee/candidate head shots in my Access 2013 database (back-end) because of the space it takes up.
Can 'links' to the photos stored on a folder on our terminal server or file server be stored in a particular field type in Access 2013 and when that employee's record is loaded in a form, the photo be automatically be displayed?
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Yes! You can store the path to the image file in table field.

The photo is displayed in a form or report.
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On a form add an Image control, Image0
Properties sheet-Format
Picture Type: Linked
Picture: D:\pict.jpg    

In code:
Image0.Picture = text_Field_Containing_ImagePath 

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In Access 2010 and newer, you can just set the ControlSource of the Image control to the path of your image and not worry with code. See this article:

It discusses Continuous Forms, but the same concepts apply to Single forms as well.
Side idea,
 you could also resize the image? with VSO image resizer since size of these images is the main problem as well.


Ideas all worked !  Thanks.

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