Change of Name in Active Directory and Exchange on premises through Powershell

Pavan Joshi
Pavan Joshi used Ask the Experts™
Hi Friends,

I need a script to perform below tasks for one user using a CSV:

1. Change First Name, Last Name, Display Name (Name, Display) Format
2. Change Email address in Active Directory
3. Access exchange server and change Primary SMTP and add another additional alias

Can any one help me writing a script for this.. If any info needed I can provide. Please help me on this task as it will help us greatly.

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LeoSnr Network Eng

Try the script link I have pasted below, there are two scripts one will overwrite the existing data & other will only write if existing attributes are blank.

Prerequisites:- quest management tools should be installed.
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This is quite simple. Use the script below. Let me know if you have any issues...

CSV should be constructed like below...

sam            First    Last       DisplayName   NewPrim                                     AdditionalAlias
 msmith     Mike   Smith    Mike Smith
 jlows          Jean    Lows     Jean Lows        

Import-Module activedirectory
$Data = Import-csv "c:\filename.csv"

    ForEach ($line in $Data) 

            Set-ADUser -Identity $line.sam -GivenName $line.First -Surname $line.Last -DisplayName $line.DisplayName

            Set-Mailbox -Identity $line.sam -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false -EmailAddresses $line.AddtionalAlias

            Set-Mailbox -Identity $line.sam -PrimarySmtpAddress $line.NewPrim


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You need to change the second line "Add-PSSnapin" to whatever version of Exchange you are running. You need to have both Active Directory and Exchange snapins in the powershell session for this to work as we are calling different cmdlets.



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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
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All that work and your clsoing the question, with no explaination? I have tested my script and it does exactly what you asked.

LeoSnr Network Eng

@Pavan, please share the solution which you have found.....


Thank you so much and appreciate your quick response for every question of mine in the  forum. It's been a pleasure working with you. Your encouragement comes as a gift rather than an option. Thanks again.

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