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Need help with a simple JavaScript that will reformat a date string.  I currently have the variable containing a date string in CCYY-MM-DD format.  I need to change this format to mm/dd/ccyy.

var revision = node.getRevision();              
var MyDate = node.getValue("UPDT_DATE").GetSimpleValue(ScriptHelper.getISODate(revision.getCreated()));

//MyDate is formatted as  CCYY-MM-DD.  I need to change to MM/DD/CCYY.
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Below I have replicated the extraction of the value of UPDT_DATE by setting the value of MyDate directly (as 27 August 2015) within [CCYY-MM-DD] format.

I have then transposed the digits & output the MyDate variable within the required format [MM/DD/CCYY]:

//var revision = node.getRevision();
//var MyDate = node.getValue("UPDT_DATE").GetSimpleValue(ScriptHelper.getISODate(revision.getCreated()));

  var MyDate = new Date('2015-08-27');

  var MyDate = ((MyDate.getMonth()<9)?'0':'') + (MyDate.getMonth() + 1) + '/' + ((MyDate.getDate()<10)?'0':'') + MyDate.getDate() + '/' + MyDate.getFullYear();


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You can subclass the Date object to add your own format method and then use string concatenation and split to 0 pad the date
Date.prototype.myFormat = function() {
  var dateString =  
    ("0" + (this.getMonth()+1)).slice(-2) +"-"+ // 0 pad month
    ("0" + this.getDate()).slice(-2) + " " +    // 0 pad day

  return dateString;
var d = new Date();
alert (d.myFormat());

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I think default format of date object in Javascript is "mm/dd/yyyy" format!

You do not need to do anything extra, just give date string into Date object and use it's inbuilt functions like below:
var dt = new Date('2015-08-31');
//complete date alongwith time
document.write('date is:'+dt);
//Result=> date is:Mon Aug 31 2015 05:30:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

//Date with localDateString (Local can be use to set the format of date like
// for "en-US" => 'mm/dd/yyyy' and "en-GB" => 'dd/mm/yyyy'
document.write('<br/>date is:'+dt.toLocaleDateString('en-US'));
//Result=> date is:8/31/2015

//Complete date with time  in local format
document.write('<br/>date is:'+dt.toLocaleString('en-US'));
//Result=> date is:8/31/2015, 5:30:00 AM

Click below link to check with Javascript documentation

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