How to write application of nepali date into english date?

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I have got the death certificate of my father who was dead in BS 2071/03/26. Now I have to give a written application to my college about mentioning 2072/03/26 is a 12/07/2015 exactly. Can you please provide me a sample application on this?
Than you .
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There are several converters available on the net. This one converts your date to 11/07/2015.
This one produces same result.

The question is what algorithm use these web pages? It could point to the basic formula:
Gregorian date = Nepali date - 56 years - 8 months - 15 days.

Windows application which converts dates is available e.g. here.

Basic info about Nepali calendar is e.g. here
I've found better web page to convert Nepali dates. It also shows your date could be 2072/03/27 as the Nepali digitNepali digits similar to 6 is 7 in fact. (The image source is from the Dates Calculator mentioned in the previous post.)

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