SocialEngine zip code search issue

hey guys,

while searching for a member, we get two text fields for the zip code. If I write anything in the first one and leave the other blank, it shows you results for a specific range and not just for the mentioned zip code. Any idea, how to fix it so it shows just for the results of mentioned zip code in the first text box?

Chris MaloneDirectorAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
Can you fill in the blanks. Are you referring to the Zip Code Radius Search plugin?
If not can you point us to what you are using.
Ray PaseurCommented:
I'm guessing we are talking about this?

Not to look down upon the plug-in software, because I have never used it, but it has four (4) "likes" all time and a comment stream that is not exactly "confidence inspiring."  The Plug-in support is not clear - some links show SE versions: 4.1.8p2 - 4.2.0, others show up to 4.8.9, but the current stable release of the base software is 4.8.8 (March 23, 2015) according to Wikipedia.  It may be out of date.  The latest entries in their blog are from 2013.  The newrosoftmods site suggests a demo at this URL, but that gave me a 500 Internal server error.

If you have the source code for the plug-in you may be able to get a professional developer to modify it for you.  I can show you the theory for ZIP code proximity calculations.  This article is old, but it shows exactly how the proximity calculation work is done.

What did their tech support team suggest?
Chris MaloneDirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for the answers. What I am looking for is, let me attach a snapshot. I am not using zip code radius anymore but I am using core function of SocialEngine. It shows you two boxes of zip code, if I write any zip code in first box and left the other box empty, it shows me various results outside the mentioned zip code. If I fill both boxes with the same zip code, it shows me the correct results. So what I need to do is, if anyone fills up first box, it should still show you all the results of the mentioned zipcode. I tried finding the exact code in SocialEngine but had no luck so far with customization. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You
Julian HansenCommented:
What about putting some javascript on the page that auto fills the second zip box if it is empty with whatever is in zip 1?
Do you have ability to add JavaScript to page?

Failing that you will need to educate us (or at least me) on exactly how SocialEngine is structured and how you are generating that form.

If you do have ability to add javascript then I would use CSS to hide the second box and juse JS to populate it.

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Chris MaloneDirectorAuthor Commented:
Yes your suggestion is good but sometimes people need to define a zip code range to search. But I'll try with this solution so if someone has kept the field blank, the js auto fills the next box keeping the values hidden. I'll get back. And plus, if anyone knows how to do that in socialengine codes so it doesn't accept second box if its not filled.
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