Change I make to code behind not updating when I publish my web application on the server

Hi Experts
i am working on an Web Application in my localhost, then i asked the administrator to copy the application to server and deploy it, and it worked fine, now when i make any changes in the pages and copy them to the server its not updated, i can see the changes in aspx pages but in code behind its not reflected
 can you please help me in this i am really struggling here

thank you
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Ryan ChongCommented:
>>but in code behind its not reflected
did you recompile your project and deploy the DLLs generated to your Production server as well?
AZZA-KHAMEESAuthor Commented:
i rebuild my project in my local host and i read in one article that i need to copy only the pages changed to the server, do i have to take a copy again of the dll from the debug and release folders?
Ryan ChongCommented:
>> do i have to take a copy again of the dll from the debug and release folders

yes u need as code behind scripts are compiled as DLLs

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AZZA-KHAMEESAuthor Commented:
thank you for the reply, i am new to this, can you explain more, i have 2 folder that contains dll files
Bin folder with project name.dll
and obj folder with project name .dll

which dll do i have to move to the server?
Ryan ChongCommented:
you can try copy the one in the bin folder
AZZA-KHAMEESAuthor Commented:
thank you for the tip
now my application is working fine, but i am getting another error from the server in one of pages in code behind
Filename: redirection.config
Error: Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions

i dont know what dose it mean?
Ryan ChongCommented:
as mentioned in that error description, check where the redirection.config was located, and make sure you got enough permission to access to that file/folder.
AZZA-KHAMEESAuthor Commented:
Why i am getting this error message only in one page? the application is running perfectly only this page that gave me an error?
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>Why i am getting this error message only in one page?
certainly not very sure why this only happened in that page only, perhaps a change in the physical file/folder structure or even the changes in your codes, but but the error message could give us clues why the error happened.
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