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CRM 2015 / SPN Issue

I am having an issue where I am unable to pull up my CRM site locally on the CRM Server. The behavior that I am seeing seems to be related to an SPN error. Here is the behavior:

I have a server named STAGECRM3, but the URL to CRM we are using http://stagecrm2015. I have setup the SPN's with domain account running the application pool shown below

setspn -s http/stagecrm2015 domain\svc_account
setspn -s http/ domain\svc_account

I am able to access the site correctly from a remote browser but unable to pull it up on the local server.

Has anyone been able to correct this issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Feridun Kadir
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What error message do you get on the local server when you browse to CRM?

Some things to check:
What did you configure as the web addresses in Deployment Manager?
What bindings did you configure in IIS for the CRM web site on the CRM server?

Do reports (out of the box and custom) run? If so, I'd suggest that this is not an SPN issue though of course it could be.
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No worries, glad you found an answer.
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Found the article to resolve this issue.