How to read data back to the controls of the interface for DGV and checkedListBox in

I have included snippets of my saveIt and my readIt functions for help.

I am able to save all the data in the controls to my .txt file.  The read of the comboBox and textBox work great.

I would like to know, with you my current code, is there a way to automatically read the data when it is being saved as the code is saving it.  At the time I am using a 'Select Case' statement if it is not a control name or cntrl.length > 0

' this is part of the saveIt function
Dim cntrl As Control = Me
      cntrl = Me.GetNextControl(cntrl, True)

Dim ctlChecklist As CheckedListBox
                        If TypeOf cntrl Is CheckedListBox Then
                            ctlChecklist = cntrl
                            If ctlChecklist.Name = "MethodsListBox" Then
                                If ctlChecklist.CheckedIndice<wbr ></wbr>s.Count > 0 Then
                                    For thisIndex As Integer = 0 To ctlChecklist.CheckedIndice<wbr ></wbr>s.Count - 1
                                        outputFile.wplWriteLine("A<wbr ></wbr>nalysis[" & thisIndex + 1 & "]name", ctlChecklist.Items(ctlChec<wbr ></wbr>klist.Chec<wbr ></wbr>kedIndices<wbr ></wbr>(thisIndex<wbr ></wbr>)).ToStrin<wbr ></wbr>g)
                                End If
                            End If
                        End If

                        ' Search for a DataGridView
                        Dim ctlDGV As DataGridView
                        If TypeOf cntrl Is DataGridView Then
                            ctlDGV = cntrl
                            If ctlDGV.Rows.Count > 0 Then
                                If ctlDGV.Name = "proteinDependentDGV" Then
                                    'outputFile.wplWriteLine("<wbr ></wbr>DataGridVi<wbr ></wbr>ewName", ctlDGV.Name)
                                    For thisRow As Integer = 0 To ctlDGV.Rows.Count - 1
                                        outputFile.wplWriteLine("P<wbr ></wbr>rotein[" & thisRow + 1 & "]property", ctlDGV.Rows(thisRow).Cells<wbr ></wbr>("proteinP<wbr ></wbr>roperty").<wbr ></wbr>Value)
                                        outputFile.wplWriteLine("P<wbr ></wbr>rotein[" & thisRow + 1 & "]value", ctlDGV.Rows(thisRow).Cells<wbr ></wbr>("proteinV<wbr ></wbr>alue").Val<wbr ></wbr>ue)
                                End If
                            End If
                        End If
End Using

' this is part of the readIt function
  Do While (Not fileReader.EndOfStream)
                If Not fileReader.wplReadLine(varName, varValue) Then Continue Do

                If varName = "" Then Exit Do

                Dim parsedVarNameCI As New RegUtlLib.StringCI

                RegUtlLib.WplUtl.WplParseTag(varName, parsedVarNameCI, arrayIndices)

                Dim ctl As Control() = Me.Controls.Find(varName, True)
                If ctl.Length > 0 Then
                    Dim ctlType As String = ctl(0).GetType().Name
                    If ctlType = "TextBox" OrElse ctlType = "ComboBox" Then
                        'Update the TextBox
                        If ctlType = "TextBox" Then
                            Dim tb As TextBox = ctl(0)
                            tb.Text = varValue
                            'Update the ComboBox
                            Dim cb As ComboBox = ctl(0)
                            cb.Text = varValue
                        End If
                    End If
              **** I want the code to read the DGV values and checkedListBox values here ****

                    Select Case parsedVarNameCI
                        Case "ProteinEquivalenceVersion"
                            inputFileVersion = CDbl(varValue)

                        Case "changeHistory"
                            With histList
                                Dim newItem As New historyItem
                                Dim rowVals() As String = Split(varValue, "::")

                                newItem.historyDate = rowVals(0)
                                newItem.historyUser = rowVals(1)
                            End With
                    End Select
                End If

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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
This just requies a simple thing.  

add a new variable to act as the middleman

Dim Temptext as String

Next,  every outputFile.wplWriteLine(
you would want to replace to look like this :
Temptext ="A<wbr ></wbr>nalysis[" & thisIndex + 1 & "]name" &  "ctlChecklist.Items(ctlChec<wbr ></wbr>klist.Chec<wbr ></wbr>kedIndices<wbr ></wbr>(thisIndex<wbr ></wbr>)).ToStrin<wbr ></wbr>g"

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