Exchange Transport Rule Not Catching All Exceptions

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We have set up a transport rule on our Exchange 2010 server to bcc emails received by a particular account to several other people in our company. The emails in question are responses to a mass mailing, some of which inevitably turn out to be delivery failure notices. Nobody wants to get the failure notices, only valid replies. I posted a screenshot of the rule I set up, which includes exceptions for common failure notices. Most of these cases are handled correctly, but about one in twenty is bcc'd anyway, despite having the same criteria as the ones that are caught.

For Instance, one email from "Mail Delivery Subsystem" with heading "Undeliverable: xxxx" gets caught, while another with identical sender and heading is bcc'd to everyone.

Exchange transport rule
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Scott CSenior Engineer

Are you current on all Service Packs and Rollups?

SP3 RU10 is the latest.

The logic in the rule looks fine.


Now that you mention it, we're quite a bit behind (SP1 RU8).
Senior Engineer
I would get current first of all.  You are close to 3 years behind in updates.

From that blog...

Order to apply the Service Pack 3 and a few hints…

The first thing when you are planning is the order to apply Service Pack 3 on your servers. These are the key rules to apply a new Service Pack in your organization.
1.Client Access Server (if you have multiple sites internet facing sites first)
2.Hub Transport
4.Unified Messaging

There have been hundreds of updates and bug fixes in the past 3 years.  No doubt some of them will pertain to the Transport Service.

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