Excel - Add percentages to vertical bar graph

I have a vertical bar graph, that has three columns of data graphed per location - and there are 5 locations.

So, in all, here are 15 vertical bars on the graph. Adding data labels is easy feasible - but how can I also add percentage labels?

                Score - Monday           Score - Tuesday         Score - Wednesday
Loc A           31                                        54                                  31
Loc B            56                                      87                                  85
Loc C            32                                       45                                  98
Loc D            22                                      17                                 67
Loc E             56                                     87                                   49

I would also like to add a percentage column and label for  each - Score - Monday; Score - Tuesday, and Score - Wednesday

Please offer suggestions on how to chart percentages for each of the columns above. I can add a percentage column in after each Score column that will be the percentage for the previous column.

exp vgAsked:
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Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
Exp vg..

Can you post your sample file along with a dummy example of what you are looking for..Also when you say percentage score..You mean it will be a percentage score of the overall column or previous values? If it's a previous values then im assuming you are comparing Tuesday with Monday values and so on..But then to which values you will compare Monday values to??

exp vgAuthor Commented:
I will manually enter the % columns, so for example, the title of fields will be:

Score-Mon       %Mon        Score-Tue      %Tue       Score-Wed        %Wed

Please refer to the example template above and in the posted question.

Basically, the data label numbers will be in the bar, and the percentages will be above the bars respectively.

Thank you.
Saurabh Singh TeotiaCommented:
I don't see any template and excel file..and in order to solve it..I need to see what you are looking in excel that's why asked for your file so that can work on it and solve it..and you can create a dummy data or file to post here..I can work with that..

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exp vgAuthor Commented:
I have figured out a method that works - thank you.
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