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Outlook 2013 - Script to Create Rule to Delay All Sent Messages by X Minutes

I'm able to manually create such a rule via the wizard in Outlook, but I need to deploy this rule to 50+ workstations.  Since exporting and importing rules via script seems like a dead end, what about just re-creating the rule via script?  That should be easy enough to deploy via Group Policy.  Any experts want to way in on this?
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What you could do here is create an Outlook rule using Powershell (see link below)

Once you have the script configured you can then deploy this via GPO logon script.

Thats how you can deploy this to multiple users.

I would do this at Server level are you using Exchange? I know MailMarshal can also do this.

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Will - I didn't know PowerShell was an option for this!  That's awesome as it's standardized across the network and easy to deploy.  May take a bit to figure out exactly how to script it, but the example you posted looks quite similar to the VB code I already have.

Dirk - We are indeed running Exchange, but I was under the impression that delaying messages was not possible at that level (at least not with standard transport rules).  Is there something I'm missing?
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