What is a good power bank ?

brian ramdhan
brian ramdhan used Ask the Experts™
I have an iPhone 5s but I have no idea what to look for in a power bank

My battery drains quickly

What power bank you recommend??
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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What I do with my iPhone is turn off push email. I check my email manually. That has at least doubled (if not more) my battery life.  I set another phone in the house to every 30 minutes and that saves that battery as well.

I turned off the EE notifications here in the EE app as well.

The more "every two minute" notifications you turn off, the longer the battery will go. Mine goes all day now without draining right away.
Business Consultant (Owner)
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Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing Manager
I always take three things into account:
1. Size - I want it to be portable, easy to carry around
2. Capacity - How much power does it hold for recharging
3. Amperage - What is the output, this changes charge times and what devices it can charge

I have this one and I love it - http://smile.amazon.com/RAVPower-Portable-External-Technology-more-Black/dp/B00MNAWMHE

It charges up to 1 amp, has about 2-ish charges for your iPhone, plus it's so small and easy to throw in my bag when I'm travelling.

This an alternative, which charges at 1 amp and 2 amp - http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B009V5X1CE
It's bigger in size, but can charge my tablet 2-3 times and my phone about 4-5 times
LeoSnr Network Eng
There are lot of uses of powerbanks now a day, so it depends on how much use you want to get out of it, and how much you are willing to spend, and keeping in view that how much output you get out of it...
if you want to understand more about how they work, read the topic below, or if you just want to know which one to buy you go to the bottom of the topic and see the best three in the market today, select one from them :-)

Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead
I take capacity and price into account... hence I'm using Mi Power Bank, so far I'm happy with it.

Mi Power Bank

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