my compaq presario 2500 wont boot up

It tells me i need a logon user interface ddl msgina.ddl how do i get this
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Did you have a two factor authentication or .......... Ran something else.  The issue might be in the registry that removed that dll from the bootup/auth line.

You would need to boot system and have a registry editor to correct this.

You should request attention, as the database topic is incorrect.
terrysumnerAuthor Commented:
after i follow instuctions on the website about pressing f8 and select restore to last working configuration a new message pops up saying this application has failed to start because SHELL32.dll was not found.
What OS? It looks like a very old laptop running XP? Remember that XP has been dead for over an year now, and it shouldn't be used anymore because of the increasing security holes that don't get patched by m$ updates.

Besides, with a laptop as old as that you are likely to start having hardware problems, like the HD failing, etc.

Boot the PC from the UBCD and run the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utililty that is included on that CD. If it tells you the disk is bad, you'll either have to replace the disk, then restore your OS and data from your backups, or scrap the laptop as it really is too old to repair or keep on going. Also test the RAM using memtest86+ which is also included on that CD:
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terrysumnerAuthor Commented:
Its a 2002 updated to windows 8.1 but i was trying to update it to windows 10 when this happen thanks for the help guys i just bought it from someone a week ago for $50 he wanted $100 but i told him i could get one at pawnshop for $80 so i offered $50 and he took it
According to the specs I found online for that laptop it has a 40GB HD, 256MB! RAM, and a pentium IV CPU. It would have to have been updated with RAM to be able to run Windows 8.x or 10, and even then it would really be terribly slow. You probably can't get more than 1GB RAM in there, and that is still very little for today's use.

$50.-- is much too expensive for this laptop, it is over a decade old. The seller has made a very good deal, and you just wasted $50.--. You should be able to get much better and newer 2nd hand laptops for a much lower price. For example, I recently bought an Asus laptop from 2007 with a core 2 duo CPU, 2GB RAM for about SFr. 6.-- via an auction site similar to ebay, and that is a much better product and still very much usable. I have upgraded the RAM to 4GB and it works perfectly.

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terrysumnerAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No need for anymore advise computer to old to work with
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