Business Works 2013 - Invalid User ID when trying to access ODBC Connection

Hello, I have a client that is currently using the latest version of Business Works 2013, fully patched.  The server OS is SBS2011, client workstations run Win7x64.  They do not have a current support contract (against our recommendation).  I have knowledge base access and have found my issue, but the 'resolution' is to call support, who will not help me without a valid support contract.  Basically, they know how to fix the issue, but do not list the how to in the knowledge base.

The problem:
I have an Access database that pulls data from the Business Works database through the ODBC connection / DSN connection.  I have verified that the user name (Manager) that I am using can log in with the password.  When I go to test the connection, I received "Invalid User ID Specified".  I have tried other users, but it is my understanding that I have to use the Manager account.  

Things That I Have Tried:
- Disabling firewall and AV (client and server, same results)
- I have deleted and recreated the DNS/ODBC connection (client and server, same results)
* Client and server, mean that I tried this on the server itself and from a client workstation

Sage Knowledge base article ID: 32007
Description: Error: "Invalid user ID specified" when trying to create an ODBC connection
Cause: Damaged or missing .DDF files
Resolution: Contact Sage Customer Support at 800-447-5700 to repair or replace the missing/damaged .DDF files.

Any help?
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
It appears that this BW install is using PSQL, right?  You can install the FULL PSQL Client onto a test machine (one that does not run BW), which should allow you to open up the Pervasive Control Center and then drill down into the database in question.  See if the PCC gives you any errors when opening the database.  It is possible that the files were damaged as well, so checking the PVSW.LOG on the database server might be helpful, too.  

If you can get a "real" error from the PCC, post it & let's see where to go next.

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ntobinAuthor Commented:
Ok. First, thank you to everyone that took time to assist and comment, it is appreciated. I ended up having the customer pay for support, partially because of this issue, partially as a push to make them a 'good' customer and having support for their software.

The resolution:
From my understanding it looks like a bug in the system. While logging into the application with the Manger account and password worked, the ODBC connection with the same password did not. After some trial and error with the technician, it was determined that the User and Password had to be defined in the program as all capital letters and then defined in the ODBC connection as all capital letters. Any combination with lowercase letters resulted in failure on the ODBC connection, but success in logging into the app.

The technician claimed that it 'probably' wasn't a bug, but he would look into it. Thanks again.
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