Exported PST from gmail not showing in Outlook


I have a gmail account that has 80,000 items and I need to export these into PST files for email migration. I was successfully able to export one month amount of emails (19,000 items) in PST file using Outlook 2013 but when I imported it into the outlook again nothing is displaying.

Outlook 2013
Has anyone had similar problems? IMAP is working fine I can see all emails from outlook but exported one isn't showing anything once it is imported
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Benjamin VoglarIT ProCommented:
1. If You use IMAP than You don't need to export anything. Configar gmail on the new comp and emails Will sync with gmail.
2. In Outlook 2013 You do not need to export emails. just copy GMAILs pst to new location.
Chris MillardCommented:
If you're connecting to gmail using Outlook 2013, then there shouldn't be a need to export and import. The emails should still be available on gmail.

Or are you trying to migrate away from gmail?
EducadAuthor Commented:
Hi Benjamin & Chris

Yes, I am doing this for email migration from Gmail to Exchange. Of course I understand I do not need to import and export anything if I keep using gmail via outlook that is the purpose of using IMAP.
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Chris MillardCommented:
So, do you have Outlook 2013 configured for Exchange already? If so, what you could try doing is simply opening the PST (so you'll have the users Exchange account, and below that the PST file). You then simply drag and drop emails from the PST to the correct folder(s) in the Exchange account.

(Make sure there are no quotas on the user account in Exchange though - if it's a new install of Exchange, I believe there its a 2GB quota per user by default)
EducadAuthor Commented:
Hi Chris,

Outlook is not currently configured for Exchange yet. I would like to have pst files exported and stored on local server. These pst files will not be migrated into Exchange, they are going to be used from local server.
Copy the .pst file from your old Outlook (the one which you used to backup your email)
1. In Outlook, click the File tab.
2. In right pane, click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.
3. On the Data Files tab, click on you account name, and then click Open Folder Location.

Copy this .pst file in your new Outlook.
Find where the .pst is stored , rename it and copy your old .pst file (you should rename it with the same file name of the new pst file)
Or Copy your Old .pst to the new PC create another profile and set the path to where the old .pst is stored.

Hope that helps !
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
you can have 2 or more accounts active i.e. your exchange account and your gmail account. if you want to retire your gmail account or to facilitate import to a .pst set gmail to also use pop configure outlook to use pop for gmail and then download the messages.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Using the outlook client to connect to your Gmail via IMAP or POP would be the best solution here. From there you can do a straight pst export.

EducadAuthor Commented:
I am using IMAP for gmail account  and I know I can use both gmail and Exchange account in Outlook.

But the question is that the export pst file is not showing anything even though I have exported gmail via IMAP into PST file and imported it back into outlook to see if it has successfully exported. The export pst file is showing 19,012 items but actual emails are not showing.
Did you try opening the .pst from Outlook ?
EducadAuthor Commented:
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Can you take a screenshot of this? Might be a long shot but have you properly expanded the PST file when it is attached to your Outlook? Providing a screenshot will help.

EducadAuthor Commented:
I had to change view settings to IMAP message.

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EducadAuthor Commented:
I had to change view settings to IMAP message and this fixed the issue.
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