One server, two Ethernet ports, two networks

My WD4000 server has two Ethernet ports. What are they good for?
I have two routers and two networks. The router that is directly connects to WAN is The second router sits behind it and is I  have to have both since Verizon Fios needs coax and my main router does not have coax, Sonicwall, and I have to have it for security purposes. The second router has coax, Verizon Fios.
When I connect the server to both networks it stops connecting to both. If I connect it to number 2, which serves most of my PCs and my wireless, I can not reach it from outside. If I connect it to my number 1, Sonicwall , I can not back up my PCs.
Any ideas?
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Muhammad MullaSystems AdministratorCommented:
It looks like a routing problem at first glance.

Which network card have you set the default gateway on, and to which router?
kzmdincAuthor Commented:
router number 1, the Sonicwall,
Muhammad MullaSystems AdministratorCommented:
Can you provide the network config of both NICs, when they are both connected at once?
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kzmdincAuthor Commented:
right now i can not even get into the server. it does not connect to the network and shows no IP address on the LED.
Have you tried to connect the Sonicwall to the Verizon Fios and set a rule for incoming connections to access your server?

I would use it like this
Verizon Fios >  Sonicwall > Server (in the fisrt NIC) / Server second NIC to the switch ( for your intranet - PCs)
kzmdincAuthor Commented:
I did that and it has stopped working completely. It does not show an IP address and I can not even get into server software now. looks like it does not like both nics on at the same time. I need to find a way to reset the nics to the original set up and then get in there and try fixing the problems. I can not find any documentation about the functionality of these ethernet port in WD Sentinel.
Have you set static IPs on the NIC or just DHCP ?
It seems like the SonicWall prevents access from the Server to the router or the Server has a different IP than the one configured in your SonicWall
Try connecting it back to the way that it worked so you can access the server.
kzmdincAuthor Commented:
The server can not get IP address from any of the two routers. However, when i disconnect the cable it shows in LED display that the network is disconnected. So it detects the network but has problem getting an IP address. It is set on automatic IP address plus an alternative IP address but nothing works. It originally had only one local area connection enabled. I enabled the second one and that is when it started acting up. It seems to me that both local area connections are trying to get an IP address. I need to find out a way to disable one of them but there seems to be noway to get to the windows 2008 R2 that is running the server and the server does not have a monitor port or card and connects through Ethernet. I do not want to factory reset it since I will loose all the data.
Any idea?
Can you try connecting just the server to the intranet in order for you to login ?
Can you login via RDP ?
Can you ping the server ?
Can you restart the server to disable the second NIC from the BIOS ?
kzmdincAuthor Commented:
I can not login since there is no IP address and no monitor connection.
when I pinged it showed that 4 is sent and 4 is received and none is lost.
I did restart it and it did not help.
Without monitor i can not get to the BIOS. the server does not have a display card.
Thanks for your help. Any idea?
How did you connect to the server before all this !??
Remote Desktop connection from another pc on the network ?
Plug in a mouse / keyboard / monitor locally to login ?? !

Any of the above possible ?
kzmdincAuthor Commented:
none of this is now possible since there is no IP address.
Craig BeckCommented:
Verizon router connects to coax.  The Sonicwall should connect WAN interface to Verizon router and LAN interface to network switch.  The server should not be in that chain at all.

All devices connected to the switch (apart from the Sonicwall) should use the Sonicwall's IP as the default gateway.  The Sonicwall should use the Verizon router's LAN IP as its default gateway.

You should configure the Sonicwall's WAN IP to be the DMZ server on the Verizon router, or put the Verizon router in modem-only mode if you can.

The server can have one or two LAN connections.  If you use one, no problem.  If you use two, you need to configure link-aggregation on the NICs and possibly LACP on the switch.
kzmdincAuthor Commented:
first of all, thanks to everybody for trying to help out.
I finally had to contact Western Digital support. Very nice service. I am impressed.
They told me that the two Ethernet connections are just for fail-over and may not be used simultaneously.
Also, they told me that I have to reset the server by the method that they educated me about. Basically I have to use a flash drive and download a file to it from their website and connect the flash drive to the server to reset the software. they said that it will me the options of either wiping out the data on the disks or keep them and just reload the software.
I will do that today.

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kzmdincAuthor Commented:
The solution was given by the product support and seems to meet my expectations.
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