HP DL150 G6 - Fans on full 100% of the time

Hi guru's,

Hope you can help.

We have a HP DL150 G6 we've setup for a client as their DR server (their main server runs VM's and the idea is to have the VM's backed up to this DR server once a week).

All have been going well with the build and server fans were operating correctly.

Tried to install additional RAM, this then needs a second CPU, so got a 2nd CPU. Installed CPU this now requires additional fans before the server will go past POST stage.

Removed the 2nd CPU and RAM, booted and got "BMC Fan Curve Updating", server wouldn't boot as it was still looking for additional fans even though the 2nd CPU had been removed.

Reset the CMOS with jumper on MOBO. It now boots (Still comes up with BMC Fan Curve Updating") but at least boots to ESX. Problem is now the fans are on full blast 100% of the time.

I've done a lot of googling and everyone saying update the bios and ilO firmware but they are both running the latest versions. I reapplied the bios yesterday but this will made no difference.

Q - I see their is a BMC Recovery Jumper on the mobo, could this reset the fans back down to normal.

It's very frustrating as I've spent a number of days setting up this server and we nearly finished! The client will not put up with the fan noise the way it is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
You need to re-run all firmware/BIOS update processes either after adding the new CPU/Fan combination or now that it has been removed yet again.

The flash process resets the settings relative to fan sensors and the like.

So, flash it. :)

EDIT: BTW, the reason the server is running in "limp mode" is because it thinks something is missing.

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I agree with Philip, it thinks something is missing
Check all fans, connectors, power supplies, etc..
  I had a DL360 do it to me and it was a lose screw on the motherboard
ProtecITAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both responses.

Armed with the ilo firmware update CD now and will try when next down onsite.

I did move one of the fans to another socket on the mobo, I think the server from then on thinks I'd installed an additional fan (this was when I tried the additional CPU). I've managed to get it to forget the 2nd fan is now not there or needed (as the 2nd CPU has been removed) but since then the fan's are going into Boeing 747 mode! :)

Really don't want to have to purchase the 2nd fan.......currently on ebay at over £300!
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check serversupply.com for the fan
ProtecITAuthor Commented:
Thanks D_Vante but I don't see any for a DL150 G6...only G5.

Would be good to get the fan at some point as we have the RAM and 2nd CPU just sitting by the side of the server :(
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
I did move one of the fans to another socket on the mobo

One should never move fan connectors in a server. Once they are seated and the firmware/BIOS gets updated with them in place the server goes "limp" of one gets moved.

Everything in a server is, in a sense, "pre-programmed" whenever we flash after finishing the build. Unless there is a specific reason we _never_ touch anything in that server again including hardware!
ProtecITAuthor Commented:
Flashed the iLO firmware and the fans magically have spun down to normal speed.

Thank you!

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