building a client for WCF (.net 3.5): Please check my approach below and tell me if I am I on the right track


I'm building a client to connect with the Monster web-service (

I opened up VS2008 and added the "Service Reference" to my project, specifying the link:

VS2008 created the following Reference.cs (attached).

So, inspecting the proxy code (all 45k lines!) I can see the proxy interface is: BusinessGatewayInterface, and the class that impements that is BusinessGatewayInterfaceClient. So I need to create one of these client objects and call my methods.

So which method? I want to add/update a job, so, I'm guessing the WebMethod I need to call is UpdateJob().

However the public one has these complex parameters:

        public VacancyManager.WSMonster.JobsResponse UpdateJob(
ref VacancyManager.WSMonster.MonsterHeader MonsterHeader,
VacancyManager.WSMonster.CompanyAuthHeader CompanyAuthHeader,
VacancyManager.WSMonster.Security Security,
VacancyManager.WSMonster.Security1 Security1,
VacancyManager.WSMonster.Security2 Security2,
VacancyManager.WSMonster.Job Job)

Searching for the definitions of the object:
So in my client code I need to create all of these, initialise their members, and then pass them to UpdateJob?

Wow, a lot of work... and no documentation....

(hint, don't waste time as I did searching for "class VacancyManager.WSMonster.Job", search for "class Job" as they're all nested classes!)

So I guess I set all the public properties (*or*... as many as I can... I suppose the WSDL would tell me which are optional and which are mandatory, if I could understand it lol) of each of these parameter objects.

NB some of the properties are not simple types but references to *other* objects which will need to be created and initialised...

and then the response will have to be parsed into objects as per the class hierarchy / composition tree.

All ye experienced WCF people: Am I on the right track with all this?

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Prakash SamariyaIT ProfessionalCommented:
Please check the steps to consume WCF service

Complete guide about WCF Service:

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zorba111Author Commented:
Hi Prakash, thanks for these. The first link was a bit basic, but I'm reading the second one and getting some insights.
zorba111Author Commented:
Ok, so today I've created all the objects and sub-objects (and sub-sub-objects lol) I think I need for the parameters. I've been getting exceptions on calling the method, progressing through these messages:

> System.ServiceModel.FaultException was unhandled
  Message="Client not authenticated after processing available headers."

So I checked the credentials and then I got this one....

> System.ServiceModel.FaultException was unhandled
  Message="Bad Request"

a few more tweaks...

> System.ServiceModel.FaultException was unhandled
  Message="Client request failed validation,error=cvc-datatype-valid.1.2.1: '' is not a valid value for 'integer'."

a few more tweaks, removing optional fields...
and finishing up with

>  Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation 'UpdateJob'.

which is where I'm stuck right now..
I can see from google a lot of people have had this last exception!
zorba111Author Commented:
So I increased the quotas under the binding configuration in app.config, as per this

like so...

<readerQuotas maxDepth="999999" maxStringContentLength="999999" maxArrayLength="999999"
    maxBytesPerRead="999999" maxNameTableCharCount="999999" />

Open in new window

And that has stopped the last "serialization" exception happening. In fact the WCF method now executes without exceptions!
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