Post WSS 3 to SharePoint 2010 Top Links/Nav Duplicated

After migrating from WSS 3 to SharePoint 2010 using DB attach method (with user experience upgrade), everything looked fine initially when browsing around on the sites and sub-sites. BUT after a brief amount of time, I noticed my "Home" root site tab sort of duplicated itself with a different name of "Wellmore Intranet". In other words, the tab 'Wellmore Intranet' and 'Home' show the exact same content.

Any ideas how, why and a way to remove one before I next upgrade to SharePoint 2013?
Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAsked:
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Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
Each team site has its own Top Link bar — a common navigational element used to provide access to resources across the entire site. The Top Link bar is a series of tabs that sit in the header on a page in the SharePoint 2010 site.

The tabs that appear in the Top Link bar display the hyperlinked titles to a subsite or page in the site. Tabs may also expand to display content from within the site.

By default, the Top Link bar displays links to resources on the top-level site of the site collection. You can customize the bar so it shows only the resources for the current site and its subsites.

You manage the Top Link bar with the Top Link Bar page. To access the page, follow these steps:

Browse to the site where you wish to modify navigation and choose Site Actions→Site Settings.

The Site Settings page appears.

In the Look and Feel section, click the Top Link Bar link.

The Top Link Bar page appears. You must have at least Design permissions to access this page.

Click the New Navigation Link link and then enter the URL and name for the link you want to appear in the tab in the Type the Web Address and Type the Description text boxes.

Click OK.

The link appears in the Top Link bar.

To remove or modify an existing tab in the Top Link bar:

Navigate to the Top Link Bar page.

Click the Edit button next to the item you wish to modify.

Edit the entry or click the Delete button to remove the tab altogether.
Sushanta SahuPrincipal Specialist, Information ManagementCommented:
I believe you also need to check the master page. If you can get rid of the additional navigation which you do not want, that should resolve your issue.

Let me know how it goes.
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
if the above does not work and you need to adjust the master page, follow this link in regards to top navigation:
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Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
Thank you all, I will apply the above steps and report back soon...
Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
I am reviewing my v4.master file, but I am not sure how to remove either the 'Wellmore Intranet', or 'Home' tab as they show identical content/link...

Here is the snippet of code for my TopNavigationMenu:
	<SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="TopNavigationDataSource" Id="topNavigationDelegate">

Open in new window

Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
So I figured it out; I went to Site Settings / Look And Feel / Navigation , then I deleted the 'Home' under Navigation Editing and Sorting section. This removed it from my top nav bar.

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Freda Driscoll-SbarDirector of System OperationsAuthor Commented:
Figure it out myself after research and trial/error.
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