AD Sites and Services - subnet not listed effects?

I had a server that was recently put into a subnet, and I think as a result, since it had some LDAP query jobs, it was bogging down a particular domain controller.
However the job was not configured to specifically connect to the bogged down Domain Controller, so I'm trying to figure out why it was bogging it down.

The DC is in another physical connection that I do not want it being connected to from the physical site that the job server is in.

What's the best way to prevent that?

I created a new subnet in AD sites and services that the job server is in, and associated it to the same physical site.
Would this be the fix?

Also do I need to create an Inter-Site Transport between the site A and site B?
Right now I only have one called "DEFAULTIPSITELINK" in Inter-Site Transports, and it contains every site.
Do I need to create a new site link between site A and site B with a higher cost?
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Hardik DesaiIT Architect and TrainerCommented:
The server from where the job is running have identified local subnet DC and hence connecting to that DC. Hence it is being bogged down. You can add more DC to that subnet and configure DNS round robin load balancer.

The defaultIPSitelink should take care of replication of DC in both the sites as long as both the sites are part of DEFAULTIPSITELINK.

Hope this helps.

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garryshapeAuthor Commented:
If the server where job was running was not in a subnet that's added in AD Sites and Services, I'm wondering why it picked a domain controller in a random site.
Does the site link only take care of replication costs or does it also influence where computers connect to by default when logging in, or connecting to to run queries, etc.?

My understanding is that member guests/servers will connect to a Domain Controller that's in the same site as itself, assuming the member and DC are both in subnets that are associated to the same Site?
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
Also would moving a subnet to another site cause problems? It has probably 20 servers on it and I'm not sure if it would cause any problems.
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Hardik DesaiIT Architect and TrainerCommented:
Users and computers will connect to their local subnet DC if available. Regarding moving subnet to another site it just depends upon your physical topology and WAN connectivity.
garryshapeAuthor Commented:
What it is, is that there are servers in subnet, but they are associated with "Site A".
Thing is in terms of physical network, "Site B" is where that network is actually at. So logically itd make sense to reassign the subnet from Site A to Site B. Just don't know if that would cause issue since I'm not changing the subnet or IP addresses of the servers.
Jeff GloverSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
You have to think of where your Domain controllers are. Having a site with no domain controllers is useless. Putting users or servers in a site with no Domain controller will cause them to go to whatever DC they can find (and cause event log entries on the DC when they do it). If you want a server to communicate mainly with a certain DC. Make a site with the DC in it. Add the subnet the server is on to that site. For site links, they only control replication between domain controllers, not other traffic.
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