Network printers suddenly not printing

Out of dozen printers, 4 stopped being able to print. They are set-up on a Windows 2K8R2 sever and shared from there.

I'll use the little HP LaserJet Pro 400 as an example....worked fine for several weeks. Now it is unable to print. I can ping to it, can access its web interface but that's it! Looking at the back of it, I can see that its network card is showing a steady green light (normal) but the yellow light is blinking like crazy. It's the same issue for my other 3 printers (Konika Minoltas)....the yellow light on their network cards is also rapidly flashing non-stop.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this.....before I run out of hairs to pull off of my head?
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Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Hi There,

I would start by ruling out the server, try setting up a PC to print directly rather than via the server and see if that works.

In most cases if it is the server, its down to lack of space to be able to spool the prints, check your free space, restart the print spooler service.

Please let me know.

Many Thanks Matt
YvonNarracherAuthor Commented:
I've mapped the printer directly to a PC via its IP address (bypassing the server)....still not printing. The server has plenty of space, I've tried re-starting the spooler...makes no difference!

I have other printers on this server that are working just fine, these 4 display the same problem and have that steadily blinking yellow light (blinks super fast) on the NIC of the printer...that does not appear to be normal...on the working printers, the yellow light blinks at various intervals.
Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
I would potentially unplug the printer and then try and ping the ip that was assigned to it, almosts sounds like you may have clashing IPs or an overlap with DHCP.

Any other network issues? Loopback?
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YvonNarracherAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input Matt.

Tried your clashing of IP. (once unplugged, pinging that IP just times out).

I have no other network issues either.
Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
How odd.....hummmm any recent changes to the network in any way?

What subnet are you using for you IP range? Any vlans?

Are they all HP printers? Are the Static IPs of all printers close together?

I had an issue once where by 1 computer couldn't ping a printer, but was happy to print via another PC sharing it. Turned out to be network cable from the Cab to the wall socket.

I might be tempted to try creating a little network with a 4 port switch, nothing else attached and see if the printer functions with just 1 pc and 1 printer. I don't think it's your server, as every other printer seems fine, maybe a switch issue.

had a recent dip in power? maybe the local switch needs a reboot? are all the effected printers connected to the same switch?
YvonNarracherAuthor Commented: changes at all to the network,


Noot all HP, I have three Konika Minoltas and one HP acting up. The rest of the working one are HPs.

I tried different cables, even connected it to a different switch...still no go!

The printers are not all on the same switch, but the screwed-up one is on the same switch as some of the printers that work normally.
Are there any routers (not switches) on your network? If the printers are accessed via a router, check its settings. Make sure that ports 515 and 9100 (the ports used by a Standard TCP/IP port) are not blocked on the router.
YvonNarracherAuthor Commented:
Nope....they are just connected to a regular switch not a router.
Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Hi Yvon,

If you still can't print to them on a local switch directly, i suspect issues with the printers, perhaps power spoke has damaged them, perhaps a warranty call? I don't think there is much else to troubleshoot.

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Try doing a "telnet <ipaddressofprinter> 515" or "telnet <ipaddressofprinter> 9100"  This will give more info whether necessary ports are open
Try updating the firmware. If that does not help, get the unit serviced. Could be defective.
Does the printer work OK if you just plug it into the back of a PC? You might need a cross-over cable, but newer PCs can autoswitch. The printer should be given a static IP address for that, but if you don't switch it off it will keep a DHCP address.
YvonNarracherAuthor Commented:
My apologies....forgot to close this issue. Turns out the printers network card had some strange intermittent fault.
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