Adding a secondary mx record existing Exchange server


I've added a secondary mx record to my domain through Network-Solutions (got the domain name from them),

Do I need to add anything on to my Exchange server? (the hostname on the server is while the secondary mx record says - do I need to configure this name anywhere else other than at Network Solution's).

My ISP of course has also been requested to add a reverse DNS record to point back to

Also do I need to reissue the certificate I have with Digicert to somehow also include the secondary mx record? if so then how would this secondary record be reflected in the new certificate? (which brings me back to my first question - Do I need to change anything in the server itself?

Thanks in advance.
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You shouldn't need to do anything else on the server itself.  Digitally signing emails is just to prove that the attachments and email content actually came from you.  If you're sending out from the same IP address as the primary MX record then it should be fine.
meirgilAuthor Commented:
Hi Wayne88, thanks but actually I will be using the secondary mx record for times when our primary ISP is down & mails at that time would not be sent out of the primary mx record's IP.
Can you please elaborate on what is it I should do then?
Thanks in advance!
Hi meirgil,

I am assuming you have two different internet connection through two different ISP/type so that one will act as a backup for failover.  As long as the second MX record also has a reverse DNS (PTR) pointing back to validate your email server then it should be fine.  I believe that's all you need.  The certificate is not an IP related issue.


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meirgilAuthor Commented:
Thanks Wayne!
meirgilAuthor Commented:
Guys - it doesn't work :(
Our second ISP did the reverse DNS.
For receiving mails everything works fine but not so for sending.
I've taken down the first ISP & tried using the secondary IP for sending & the mails just don't go out.
Of course in our Firewall I've configured all ports to go through the secondary IP..
The queue viewer in the server says 4.5.1 4.0.0 DNS query failed for the mails that aren't sent (all mail..).
Any help will be appreciated!
StuartTechnical Architect - CloudCommented:
Please open a new question as you have already allocate an answer for this
Hi meirgil,

Sorry for the late reply.  It sounded as if your email server was using the DNS of the first ISP and that's why it couldn't query for DNS when using the second ISP.  Can you try for test purposes and use a public dns like Google DNS and see if that resolve it?

meirgilAuthor Commented:
Once again thanks Wayne! :))
You're welcome meirgil.  Hope that resolves it.
meirgilAuthor Commented:
Yeah, figured it out later (forgot to update) but bless you just the same!
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