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Issues with Jquery Code

I have the following code:

function updateInsertRecords(){arrys = arry.join(",");$('#insertRecords').val(arrys);}
var cnt = 1;
var container = $(document.createElement('span'));
var newitems = $(document.createElement('span'));
var arry = [], arrys = "";
$('#btAdd').click(function() {
    var groupname = $(this).attr('data-id');
    var isselect = $(this).attr('data-coral');
    if (cnt <= 9999) {
        cnt = cnt + 1;
            $(container).append('<span class="twodelete" data-cnt="' + cnt + '"><div class="margin5px modal-partition"><label for="Name">Name</label><input data-placement=bottom type=text name="field' + '' + cnt + '"  id="field' + '' + cnt + '" class=form-control data-rule-required=true data-msg-required="Provide field details" /></div><div class="margin5px modal-partition"><label for="status' + '' + cnt + '">Status</label><select name="status' + '' + cnt + '" id="status' + '' + cnt + '" class="form-control" data-rule-required="true" data-msg-required="Provide Status details"><option value="1">Active</option><option value="0">Inactive</option></select></div><input type="button" id="btRemove" rel="' + groupname + '_' + cnt + '" value="X" class="sectionBtn bt" /></span>');
    arrys = arry.join(",");
$(document).on('click', '#btRemove', function(){
    var item = $(this).closest('.twodelete');
    var v ='cnt');
    for(var i = arry.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
    if(arry[i] === v) {
      arry.splice(i, 1);

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The code works fine, only issue i when ever i am trying to delete, it always delete a wrong row

when I click on the "x" to the right to remove a line element it removed the incorrect element. See print screens. I try to remove row 2 element b but it removes row 3 element c.
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Julian Hansen
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1. No screen grabs attached
2. Based on your earlier question your code does not match what was posted - line 15 should be removed from the source you posted
3. Please have a look at the sample that demonstrates how this code works - let me know if that code is also deleting the wrong row - I have tested it again and it seems to work correctly.
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sample is giving me http 404 error
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Julian Hansen
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Your code inserts elements starting from cnt=2.  I guess that's why.