Oracle SQL Developer Column Ruler

Does the SQL Developer tool have a way of applying a "column ruler" at the top a a SQL statement?
When I create a statement and it has some error; the tool gives me a line and column.  The line and column at the lower right corner is not accurate, it is 10 spaces short and it does count the spaces between words;
Header Ruler
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I've never found the line and column in the error to be all that accurate.

For example, a missing parenthesis might generate an error far from where the actual problem is.

Anyway:  If I counted right, column 58 is the starting character of the invalid object:  ti.ISO_NAMmE.

Oracle has no way to know that it is the second 'm' that makes the column invalid.  It just knows what column isn't in the referenced table.
chimaAuthor Commented:
slightwv, good observation.  At least knowing this will be helpful in narrowing down the location.  I guess a column is considered to be the "table column"
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
>>I guess a column is considered to be the "table column"

Not really.  The "column" offset in the error message is the first character where Oracle noticed an issue.  In this case it was a table's column.  It might be a table name, function name, special character like a parenthesis, etc...

When looking at errors, don't shoot the messenger.  Just because something says "THE ERROR IS RIGHT HERE", that is just where it was noticed.  It might not be the cause!!!

I use the line and column as a guide only.  The message is the most important!

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chimaAuthor Commented:
Got you, thanks
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