Powershell command to add AD members to group from CSV file

I'm trying to add users to specific groups based on a CSV file that is imported into Powershell.  The import works fine but I've tried using the add-adgroupmember cmdlet and then the add-adprincipalgroupmembership cmdlet, both are bombing out.  The column in the CSV file is titled "Name" so this is what I'm doing
Import-Csv .\FileName.csv [then I press return]  Next is:
foreach ($user in $Staff) {add-adgroupmember -Identity GroupName -Member $_.Name} (also tried $Staff.Name -both give the same error)

I've attached a file with the error  I have only 1 space between the -Member and $_.Name attributes.  The error places the <<<< in between.  Any help will be apprciated.
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First off, you're neither setting Import-Csv to a variable, nor do you pass it down the pipeline to other commands.
Then you're using the ForEach statement, not the ForEach-Object cmdlet, so in the loop, you'd need to use $User.Name instead of $_.Name.
So either use this:
$Staff = Import-Csv .\FileName.csv
foreach ($user in $Staff) {add-adgroupmember -Identity GroupName -Member $user.Name}

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Or this:
Import-Csv .\FileName.csv | ForEach-Object {add-adgroupmember -Identity GroupName -Member $_.Name}

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skbarnardAuthor Commented:
It has been awhile since I asked this question but oBdA pointed out my short-coming with my for-each iteration.  I used the first of the 2 suggestions and got it to work for me.
Sorry for the long delay in my response, we've just been very slammed here at work.
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