Cant get projector to work on new windows 8 laptop

Currently, we are upgrading our conference room to a Windows 8 pro 64 bit laptop from Windows 7 and need to get the projector to work on the new laptop.  I found and installed windows 8 drivers for the wireless transmitter, on the new laptop but cant get the projector to work.  I am beginning to believe that even though windows 8 drivers exist for the wireless transmitter I am using to send the signals to the projector, that it is not supported for some reason. However, since I dont have much experience with projectors, I'm giving experts-exchange a try.

Make and model of transmitter - iogear HS6618A  1080p computer to HD display  
Site I went to for installing the Windows 8 driver.  -

I went through the install steps laid out in this pdf manual found on the site so I feel like I am doing it right and maybe this adapter is just not supported.   -

Side note: When attaching the transmitter itself to a usb port, I see it show up in device manager fine.  However, there is something else that was already there for usb with a "!". This thing I am talking about though is - unknown USB device (device descriptor Request Failed) - Its a standard USB controller - Code 43

Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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I am not so sure if my advises will help this time, but few ideas cannot do any harm.
Uninstall the driver.
Try to flush the drivers:
Eventually use CCleaner:
Or maybe DriveCleaner:
Then reinstall the driver.

Sometimes, for programs. I use a supervised install/uninstall/install to clean up all the traces in the registry and on the drive using a program as Total Uninstall:
I never tried, but maybe works for drivers too.

If you do the cleaning as above and you install the driver in the end and you still get the exclamation mark, then you should do a print screen with that page where the "!" is and few more with click right on driver, properties, driver details, look at the  vendor and device ID as follows:

Then a discussion with IOgear, eventually their forum, will help.

Here is another hint.
Update all the Generic USB Hub drivers, one by one. Or just remove them, restart PC and reinstall automatically.
Here is an example:
Looking at this Video about your  transmitter - iogear HS6618A  1080p computer
Wireless 1080p Computer to HD Display Kit  The device plays through to the HD TV  or projector from your PC You stream wirelessly from the PC using the adapter transmitter
Is your Projector set up?
This video may help you get an overall picture as well.
2.5m between transmitter and receiver is the recommended
This device supports wireless transmission of video and still images up to 1920 x 1080, and has a transmission range of approximately 30'.
If you read the comments lots of folks are having problems with it with windows 8.1 seems
Like any of these devices a specific sequence is required.
Connect everything but when it is all  turned off!!!
Ensure the projector is turned on before the  PC and  is warmed up.
Use only one device ( screen-monitor at any time)
Turn on the Projector  after you have booted the PC  and the  iogear so they can discover it.
Good Ratings here shows that it is something your not doing right.
From your manual
I would just use the Setup disc provided.
 Supported>>Graphics Chipsets Supported: Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA

Side note: When attaching the transmitter itself to a usb port, I see it show up in device manager fine.  However, there is something else that was already there for usb with a "!". could be you need to run the connection manager?
Read up again in your manual
Introducing the UWB Connection Manager Software
The UWB Connection Manager is the driver software for the GUWAVKIT4B. This driver is
automatically installed when you run the GUWAVKIT4B Installation CD.

The GUWAVKIT4B’s PC Adapter contains a radio transmitter that enables your computer
to communicate wirelessly with the Receiver Base. This radio is known as the host radio.
The UWB Connection Manager driver software enables you to manage the host radio and
perform tasks such as the following:
•       Connect / Disconnect the GUWAVKIT4B from your computer
•       Change / Select the channel used for radio communication
•       Disable / Enable radio communications
•       Disable / Enable pop-up messages
Please use the Troubleshooting section
Before you contact IOGEAR, please read the troubleshooting advice in this manual, your
computer’s user’s guide and/or in any manuals that came with your optional peripheral
This section provides troubleshooting guidance for problems in the following categories:
•       Display/Video
•       Audio/sound
•       Connection/Docking
•       USB
Good Luck :)

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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
When you see an Exclamation point next to a device in device manager, it means the driver is not installed. You might have installed the incorrect driver. I would suggest uninstalling it and finding the correct one as mentioned above.

You probably should restart the Pc after uninstalling the incorrect driver to make sure the new driver is recognized and installs properly.

Hope this helps!
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ctaddeoAuthor Commented:
The projector now works!!!  I divided points because I appreciate the effort but most go to Merete because her comment lead me to the solution.  The problem was I didnt read the manual thoroughly enough because I was unaware of the section that had the connection manager.  I read the software and hardware installation portion and didnt realize this other section.  Its a learning lesson to read the manual more thoroughly.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
According to the manual you posted, in the troubleshooting section, you should be able to double-click on the icon in the system tray and see the transmitter, receiver, and projector.  That icon should also be green to signify it is happy.

What is the make/model of the projector and how is it connected to the receiver (HDMI or VGA)?
Very good ctaddeo happy it's solved for you, yes I always read the manual seems to make things simple..
cheers and thank you :)
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