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I there a free tool to view dwg files.

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IrfanView is excellent (free!) imaging software that I've been using for many years:

The download page provides many links, but I recommend the TUCOWS link to download IrfanView:

This will download a single install file called <iview440_setup.exe> with no adware and no junk!

And the TUCOWS link for the PlugIns:

This will download a single install file called <irfanview_plugins_440_setup.exe> with no adware and no junk!

Install IrfanView first, then install the PlugIns. The PlugIns are required for DWG files (and other CAD files, such as DXF, HPGL, CGM, and SVG files; the PlugIns are also required for PDF files and numerous other file types).

When you do an Open with IrfanView with the PlugIns installed, you'll see this in the file type drop-down:

IrfanView CAD files
Regards, Joe

Update: My thanks to MASQ for letting me know that IrfanView has been upgraded to version 4.40 (my original post here mentioned 4.38). Furthermore, version 4.40 has a 64-bit version (this is the first ever 64-bit IrfanView):

Regards, Joe
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Thank you Joe, I did not know irfan view can be used to view dwg files.
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Support for DWG in IrfanView is based on the BabaCAD PlugIn:

Problem is, I just discovered that it supports only up to AutoCAD 2007. If you have later AutoCAD files, you should use the viewer that MASQ posted. Regards, Joe

Important Update: Great news! I just installed IrfanView 4.40 (thanks again to MASQ), the newest version — and, very importantly, the 4.40 Plugins. Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions can now open AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2011 files (I tested several sample files from the Autodesk site). Regards, Joe

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