Access 2013 handling printer drivers differently that other OFFICE 2013 programs

Not really expecting an answer on this, but desperate times.....

I have an MS Access 2013 application that takes member info and is supposed to print a PVC ID Card.  Trying to use a new FARGO DTC1250e PVC card printer.
Here is the weird part.
The printer works great in other Win7 Programs, and in other Office2013 programs (WORD/EXCEL)

But when I try to select a certain ribbon type for the printer from with the ACCESS Report setup, I find that the ribbons available (under PageSetup/SPECIFIC PRINTER/PROPERTIES), are not the same choices available under PRINTER PROPERTIES in DEVICES & PRINTERS....

Crazy, I guess ACCESS doesn't get the same info that WORD & EXCEL do in regards to info from the OS?
Anyone have any ideas?
I've already talked to the manufacturer, they just say they don't support 3rd party programs and if it works under windows, it's not their problem.

I've thought that it might be a permissions issue.... where ACCESS is asking things from the printer as a service or something???  I've tried adding DEBUGGER USERS, SERVICE, SYSTEM, etc... to the printer with full permissions.... but no luck.
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Access does indeed handle printers differently than other Office apps.

Interesting problem.....what happens if you leave that set as the default printer and the Access report set to use the default you see the correct choices then?

TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
Awesome question.  I was just typing out a new question to see if someone could help me with a work-around.   It prints perfect when I let ACCESS use the new printer "As the Default OS printer".
My challenge is I have some code in there so that it grabbed this printer for this report

'<<<<<<<Begin Print Routine.............
'Get the name of the desired printer, and the DEFAULT printer in case there's a problem
Dim stReportPrinter As String
Dim stPrinterDefault As String
stPrinterDefault = Application.Printer.DeviceName

'Set the printer to use for this report
stReportPrinter = Nz(DLookup("[FieldValue]", "tblParameters", "[FieldName] = 'PrinterPVC'"), stPrinterDefault)
Set Application.Printer = Application.Printers(stReportPrinter)

Dim stReport As String
stReport = "rptCashCardPVC_1Up"
'Print report based on PRINTPREVIEW settings in TBLCOMPANYINFO
            If Nz(DLookup("[PrintPreview]", "tblCompanyInfo"), -1) = 0 Then
            DoCmd.OpenReport stReport, acViewNormal
                    DoCmd.OpenReport stReport, acViewPreview
            End If
'...........>>>>>>>>>>End Print Routine

Open in new window

Is there code that will change the OS default printer before the job, and change it back afterwards?
TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
So far my solution is to leave the computer's Default Printer to the FARGO PVC ID Card Printer, and manually config ALL OTHER REPORTS in the application to their specific laser printers.... and after they print put in the following code to set the application back to Windows Default Printer.
        Set Application.Printer = Nothing
I tested this and it seems to work,

The problem with this is, if they print from outside of ACCESS it will go to the PVC printer...
Maybe another idea will come in.
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<Maybe another idea will come in. >>

 Oh I think we can get there.

  So now the next question/test:

0. Make sure the report is set to default printer and save
1. Set the default printer with the correct options.
2. Open the report, set the report to specific printer and save.

 Now do you still have the printing or no?

 If not, it means the printer object in Access is not properly storing whatever extensions have been built-in on the driver.

 If it does work, then it's a matter of setting the printer right within the report.

TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
Ok, tried those steps.  Access still refuses to show me the full color ribbon I need.

AccessPrinterDriverIssue.bmpIt's almost like ACCESS has a limitation as to "how many" ribbons it can offer in the preferences.  (picture shows prefs from windows and access).   Or maybe the ones it's not listing have too long of a description?
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
OK, so that means the built-in printer object is not handling something in the driver properties correctly.  Why that is (limit on number, length of description, or whatever), I don't know.

That means doing it the "old school" way and talking directly to windows via API to handle the printer.   You'll have to choose a printer and set the properties on the fly when opening the report.

That stuff is not for the faint of heart, which is why the printer object was created in the first place.  It's easy to cause all kinds of problems, including GPF's and your code may break with a newer OS.

I'm willing to dig into it because I haven't explored this area in years, but it won't be fast by any means (think in terms of weeks at least).

 There is code floating around on the net, but I'm not sure how much is still available as most of it is ancient.  i.e.:

 Even if you find some, it more than likely needs to be updated as the PrtDevMode structure I'm sure has changed in Windows.


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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
and of course it should go without saying that you should make sure your up to date with updates.

I doubt highly it will make a difference though.  The Printer object in Access has not changed in many years and work on the desktop side of things basically stopped with A2007.

I doubt even if you reported it that you'd see a fix for it.

TechGuiseAuthor Commented:
Good news (kind of).
It appears that the problem may be just on 64bit Office installations.   I tried the application today on a Office 2013 32bit install, and shazam, all the ribbons are there.

I'm looking for another 64bit machine to see if I can replicate the problem to confirm that it is a 64/32 bit issue.
This is an application that I put together originally on 2003 and the new ID Card printer was introduced along with an upgrade to the accdb format.

If that does end up being the cause, then it will be the second issue in this app caused by a 64bit installation (still don't have that one fixed, may be posting a question on it)

Thanks so much for your help.
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Thanks for posting that.  

Most are staying away for 64 bit Office because there have been some problems.  Most notably driver issues (should have thought to ask/check) and lack of 3party controls, balanced against that for most, there is no gains.

Glad to hear though you got a major piece of the puzzle.   Am left wonder if it really is Access that is the issue now or if it's the MFG's driver under 64 bit.

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