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Hello experts,

I have WLC and I am having issue to login to it.

I have an old config file but when I open it I see the username admin and the password is encrypted.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve the password from the config.

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You can't unencrypt the password, but you can recover the password by clearing it when the WLC first boots (if it runs code 5.1 or newer).  You have to console to the WLC via the console port and issue the Restore-Password command at the login prompt.  You will then be able to enter a new password.

This might help...

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Hi Craig,

The Restore-password after the rebooting the controller sounds the best way. Do I have to worry about the configuration in the controller. This is a primary controller for the environment and I am not sure if the config file that is backed up is the recent.

Thanks, sm
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The config will remain intact.

You can only do this when the WLC first boots though, so you'll have to reload it by killing the power. If the running config was saved you'll lose nothing.

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