Change Apache Root Drive to External Drive

I'm trying to develop a local website with a large storage of PDF and JPG files and it is too large to fit on my local hard drive.  I would like to host it on my 3 TB external drive connected via thunderbolt.  Can you tell me the correct change to my httpd.conf file so point to the external drive rather than "/Library/Webserver/Documents"

My external drive's name is "Website" and the folder containing all files is "Library/WebServer/Documents"

I'm on a Mac Pro using Yosemite
Bill SullivanCEOAsked:
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Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:
what I would do is subdomain the "library".  If the drive fails, or gets disconnected, the website will still fire.

first things first, mount the drive.
enter -> mount to see if the terminal can recognize the drive.

Then add a virtualhost in httpd.conf

<VirtualHost *:80>
      DocumentRoot /dev/mnt/whatever <- mount point

Then reboot httpd service and try that.
This way if your library fails, the local installation of the website still fires.

Good luck.
Bill SullivanCEOAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I'm a newbie.  I tried typing "-> mount" (without the quotes) in terminal but received "-bash: -: command not found"  What did I do wrong?
Bill SullivanCEOAuthor Commented:
I wrote "mount" without the -> and received back a line that says "/dev/disk2s2 on /Volumes/Website (hfs, local, nodded, nosuid, journaled)"  Does this mean it is mounted?
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Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:
The test will be to load a file graphically (meaning through the normal finder), then go to /dev/disk2s2 and see if the file is there.

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Bill SullivanCEOAuthor Commented:
That worked!  Thanks so much.
Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerCommented:
No problem. Anytime
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