Windows DC - Demote/Remove DHCP/DNS

I guess my brain in not working right today so I'll ask the Experts.

Installing new DC into existing DOMAIN on a different site/segment.

Primary (Default Domain) is  has its own DC DHCP/DNS

Factory Domain in 192.168.36.xx has its own DC DHCP/DNS

I am going to demote current 2008r2 DC which is the DC that hands out DHCP and is DNS.

What steps do I need to do to make sure things go right...

Users get DHCP from new DC, DNS records, Etc...
Travis HahnIT ManagerAsked:
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Promote new DC, so that AD and DNS replicate.  Authorize the new DC as a DHCP server.  Export the DHCP database on the original server, import it on the new server.  Deauthorize DHCP on the original server.  Demote the original server.  Swap the IP addresses so that the new server has the IP address of the original server.

Here's a DHCP migration guide:

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Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
New Server Promoted - Done
24 hours - Replication - Done

Add DHCP as role - Authorize - Okay

Export DHCP Database - haven't done this ever!  So this is exciting - I'll follow the guide and get back to you.

So in the interim the New Server will have new IP should I have it set Static?  

Then demote OLD Server - switch to IP to DHCP - Set new IP with old IP.

No DNS records to remove?  The name of the server is different...
When you demote the server, the service records should be removed automatically from DNS.

And since the new server will be a DHCP server it will need a static address.
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Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Okay - So on the DHCP server - I have to export DHCP and import into new or I do i have to follow the MIGRATION guide with all of those powershell commands?
I've done it successfully just using the netsh export and import:
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
So the netsh worked liked a charm

In process of demoting old DC

Get this:  This Active Directory Domain controller appears to be the last DNS server for the following Active Directory-intergratec zones:
Is that your domain zone?

Suggest you go into the zone and make sure there is a name server record for the new server.  (Start the DNS MMC snap-in->browse to the zone->Select the zone->right-hand pane, make sure that there are Name Server (NS) records for both servers.)
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
When I go to DNS I have two DNS servers showing:

My Default Zone on my .34 Network which DOES NOT Show the new DC name as a Name Server in

While the new DC Does shows in zone only
OK, go to either the webmail or autodiscover zone, right-click, properties, Name Servers tab, and see if you can add the new domain controller there.
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am sure I can, but right now it has a different IP address, so after the demotion go back and change/recreate with correct NEW NAME and old IP address?
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Here is where I sit now:

I added the zones to the other DC in the Forrest, and they are showing on the server that I want to demote.  

Please see the attached picture and advise.
yeah, those records will get removed when you demote the server.
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
So at this point I can continue with demoting the DC?
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Okay I have finished the demotion, I have shut the old server down, Removed all DNS entries related to the old Server name.

Thank you.
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Excellent - Thank you
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
So - Today my DHCP server STOPPED and I cannot get it to start.  The happened after I shutdown the other server.  So I had to configure another 2008 Server for DHCP - but I'd like to have the two for redundancy

The DHCP/BINL service on the local machine, belonging to the Windows Administrative domain, has determined that it is not authorized to start.  It has stopped servicing clients.  The following are some possible reasons for this:
      This machine is part of a directory service enterprise and is not authorized in the same domain.  (See help on the DHCP Service Management Tool for additional information).

      This machine cannot reach its directory service enterprise and it has encountered another DHCP service on the network belonging to a directory service enterprise on which the local machine is not authorized.

      Some unexpected network error occurred.
Is the DHCP server that won't start also the domain controller?  Or is it a different machine?

In any case, check the DNS settings to make sure that the current Active Directory server is the first DNS server listed.

Then run ipconfig /flushdns and try to start the DHCP service again.

If it is able to resolve DNS, then the issue may just be that it needs to be authorized again.
Travis HahnIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I found the issue - I had to go into Adsiedit.msc - it listed an DC under the DHCP section that I had just demoted, once I removed the stale record I was able to start.
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