How to save images from forum thread

Hi Experts,

I am trying to save all the images from a web forum thread. This thread has around 275 pages which contains more than 4000 images. Like this i have 20 or 25 threads with lot of pages. How can i save all the images from all the pages of one thread in a single click or with very minimum work. I used few add ons. I am using firefox and chrome. but no luck. Please help me to find a way to achieve this.

Thanks, Kumar.
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Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
There are plenty of online tools that can download an entire site. You can then locate the images easily especially since they're usually all in the same folder.

I've used HTTrack several times. Simple and effective.
Some forums have their members use sites like Flicker to keep their images used in the forum threads/topics to save space.
If this forum also uses this then you would have all the images in one place.
Contact the member that owns the thread/s may be simpler.
premkug123Author Commented:
Thanks Russ,Merete for the comments.

But I would like to save images from a vBulletin forum thread. I have tried many firefox addons and chrome addons. Nothing works.
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If nothing saves could indicate the images are in different members blogs premkug123
Say for example you have your own blog/thread on the forum and every member has their own blog/thread, adding photos would be stored under each members blog in that thread? not actually stored in the one thread blog.
can you save images individually?
Could be copyrighted as well.
How this forum stores the images over many threads from many members maybe too difficult for a program to read the html codes / links included in the page/s
as you say> 275 pages which contains more than 4000 images.
Checkout the toolbox of add ons for FF see if any of these work.
File & Page Saving
Hello premkug123

Let's assume that you talking about the discussion threads like this:
(attachments are a mixture of images and a zip file and are displayed as icons that link to images stored on their own server)
(the image has been uploaded as an attachment and is displayed as a small embedded thumbnail that works as a hyperlink to show the main image that is stored on their own server)
(images are embedded, but are being fetched in from photobucket, but could be from any other site like,, or flickr)

So, we have 3 different kinds of images posted on those forum threads.  Two examples can be replicated here.

For a link that shows an icon only: Attach File > Browse to image > Upload File > Embed.  This will only show at the END of this comment.

For the full embedded image: "Insert Image" icon > Browse to image > "Embed"
Embedded Image shows where it has been embedded
There is no way that I know of on Experts-Exchange to embed or attach an image that has not first been uploaded to the EE server, so we can't replicate images fetched from eg. photobucket.

My first thoughts were that MAYBE you could use some kind of scripting method to "GET" the images from known URLs.
If you have a multi-page thread, the first one will have a URL like this with the thread ID like this:
Page 2 will be:
and so on.

I wondered whether attached images were given sequential numbers, so that if you knew the first attachment ID you could then just increment them.  Attachments on the site are given URLs in the following format, for one attachment posted right after the other:

I don't know what the  "&d=1426611667"  refers to, but you will see that the number of the   "attachmentid="   increments from "152078" to "152079".   I am not sure whether the url would be valid without the  "&d="  value, for example:
because you need to be logged in to open or view attachments.

The problem is that some more attachments (posted after a few other comments were posted in between) start at "152087":

Clearly the attachment ID number is assigned the the next attachment that is uploaded to the site for inclusion in ANY OTHER thread, so you couldn't simply assume that all the attachments in one thread will have sequential ID numbers.  Scripted methods of getting website content normally require you to specify a fully qualified target file, or at least use a wildcard and specify a file type like *.jpg. uses PHP scripting to display its content dynamically on demand, and any scripted method I know cannot follow PHP instructions to find and download target files.  You just end up downloading the *.PHP file (or lots of PHP files) instead.

Having to log in to see attached images presents yet another problem.  The Right-Click > Save As method to try and save an attached image that displays as an icon just tries to save the *.PHP file that is used to display the page and find the images, and not the target image.  Perhaps a logged-in user will see these attached images as embedded images, but as I don't have a user profile I cannot know this.

Russ Suter suggested HTTrack (  This application allows you to specify some of the following:
1. User Name and Password to access the site
2. Filter the types of files to download, eg. only jpg, png, and gif files
3. Folder on the target server to start walking downwards from
4. Whether or not to follow paths off that server to other ones to get files
and many other configurations.

You need to read the FAQ and the user manual before using this application to see whether it is likely to work for you, and try to avoid downloading a massive number of unwanted files.  If you don't, it can take so long and be so intensive that it freezes up.

It all depends on how the site works and what security restrictions have been implemented.  You also need to read the site's terms and conditions because I would guess that the user name and password that you use to invade their site and snatch images will probably be banned when they look at their logs.

Personally I don't think what you want to do is ethical (and may not be legal), but that's your issue.

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Thank you premkug123
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