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I came across a SUMIF where it used "><" as the criteria.. Can you translate ?

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The ranges look a bit wonky. AG:A13 isn't a valid range.

But assuming this formula...

    =SUMIF(A6:A13,"><",B6:B13) is summing the values in cell B6:B13 where the value in A6:A13 is equal to "><". In other words, it isn't doing anything special.
Michael FowlerSolutions Consultant
In this case the value "><" is treated as a string value with no particular meaning. Therefore the formula will return the sum of the range B1:B13 if the range A1:A13 contains the string "><".

Reverse the brackets and you get not equal to "<>" but even then you still need a value eg


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This sums the range B6:B13 if the values in A6:A13 does not contain the value in C1
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Actually the formula is counting occurrence of "><" from range A1:A13 and giving sum of the value in the columnB against the same.

For example

A1 = "><" B1 = 2
A2 = "" B2 = 4
A13 = "><" B13 = 2

The result of the formula = 2 + 2 = 4


Actually the criteria "><" indicates not null

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