Veeam backup incremental backup job started to fail.

This issue started after I deleted a few .vib files from the backup repository in an effort to free up space on the repository for backup jobs. We are using Veeam 8.

Here's the action I took to clear space (see screenshot). I deleted some .vib files between date 8/1 - 8/23. For this particular VM group, we do a full backup once a month, followed by incremental backups daily. That said, shouldn't it be OK to remove any .vib files with the exception of the .vbk file (full backup), and the last .vib file (in this case, the last .vib in the screenshot dated 9/2/2015)?

In viewing the backup job for that particular VM group, it now fail showing the following error message (screen shot embedded). It looks like the backup job tries to process then failed because it cannot find the .vib file that was created on 8/22/2015 because that .vib file I removed it from the repository. What should I do now to fix this problem?

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there is no way that you can fix because the file doesnt exist. you will need recreate the job.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You should not delete any backup files manually. Only if you are going to delete the entire set. Now the chain is broken and the backup process cannot find the previous incremental backup. Let the retention of Veeam delete these backups instead of removing them manually.
No, you can empty the storage and create new set entirely (full + incremental).
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
That said, shouldn't it be OK to remove any .vib files with the exception of the .vbk file (full backup), and the last .vib file (in this case, the last .vib in the screenshot dated 9/2/2015)?

The answer is no. Because this is incremental backup, and not differencial. For instance when you restore you will need the last full backup and ALL the incremental backups since the last full. If it were differencial backup you will need only last full and the last differencial backup.
This is just to answer you and explain the theory, but if I remember correctly there is no differencial backup option in Veeam.

And I agree with noxcho you should not delete files manually, or at least unless there is no other choices.
You'd better do it from the Veeam GUI, in the "Virtual Machines" menu, and then backups (from memory too as I don't have a Veeam I can connect to). Here you will find your backup jobs and you will have a "delete from disk" option on their restore points.
This way the Veeam DB will be aware of the deletion.

Also in your case knowing that you kept the full backup you could be able to run a new incremental job without having to do another full backup or even a new job.
I would try to re-scan the target repository and re-launch the existing job.

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Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
It is too late, but here is other action you could have done to delete old restore points properly :
edit your job, lower the number of restore points you want to keep, execute your job.
It will success or fail, but the old restore points you choose not to keep will be deleted automatically.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
So should I delete all.VI be files in the repository manually? There is also a BBM file, should I delete that as well?
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
Disregard my last message. So to fix this should I delete all the .vib files manually? Also, there is a.VBM file. Should I remove that  as well? So leaving only the .vbk file, should I execute a back up again to fix this?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Yes, you need to leave only .vbk
But you can leave also the .vbm file. It is a description file.
VBM-file is backup metadata file which is responsible for providing information on the backup job, VMs that are stored in the backup, number of backup files/restore points, and so on. It’s also being used during importing backups or mapping of backup jobs to existing backups.
- taken from here:
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
As I say before you should try this first :

- to leave things like that, not deleting more files
- scan the repository in Veeam Backup Infrastructure menu by right clicking on your backup repository where the backup files are stored and choosing scan
- launch your job again

But this is not sure it will work.
If the delete all/recreate is suitable for you, you can delete all (I advise in Veeam GUI) and create a new job, which will launch a full backup the first time. This will work obviously.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
I deleted all the .vib files from the repository manually leaving only the .vbk file. Then in Veam GUI, i deleted the job from disk. It ran a full backup and now i got a new .vbk file. However, it created a new folder in the repository (see screenshot, e.g. - 1_1). The folder above 1_1 was the original backup folder where I had left the initial .vbk file. I just thought it would overwrite that folder and place the new .vbk file in there. So now I am thinking about deleting the folder above 1_1, and renaming 1_1 to 1. If I do that, would it effect the backup job? Or, would I need to do this from the GUI?

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Creating new backup job you've created new subdirectory in backup storage. This is normal. If Veeam does not write this information to description file which is near the vbk then the trick you planned will work. But you dont know it before you try it.
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
Well, as you don't seem to listen to my advices I don't see the point of continuing here.
Good luck with others.
joukiejoukAuthor Commented:
Thanks all, I got my backup chain back by recreating the chain. However, I got a question about Restore points. I set a backup job to do a full backup followed by incremental (see below).
For the retention policy, I set the restore points for 3 days (see below).
My understanding of this configuration is that Veeam will create a full backup (vbk), followed by two incremental backup (vib), and should not exceed three total backup. In other words, after three backups, it should start overwriting itself. Is that how the restore points work? In my case, I am getting more than three backups that piled on within the job. (see below). Can someone explain why it is not overwriting?
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