Advertising design for my own Purpose

please let me know the best way to learn to design leaflets and some email  based flayers to be sent to the customers .
what are the best application need to know - page maker / ............
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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Well, PageMaker was the first Desktop Publishing application, and along with the Macintosh and the Apple Laserwriter, the first consumer PostScript printer, created the possibility of Desktop Publishing, but things have moved on a bit since then  :-)

I got flagged on this because you included FileMaker Pro in your tags. Are you wanting to Print from within Filemaker or merge data from FileMaker into your leaflets?

There are several pathways to do what you want to do depending in the particulars. You can do quite a bit in MS Word if you're willing to learn the ins and outs, such as how to place an image, adjust how text wraps around it, determine whether is has a relative or absolute position on the page, etc.

You can also go the more expensive route of using InDesign or QuarkXpress, but both those programs have steep learning curves and are likely to be overkill for what you want. I used to teach both programs but I personally do most of my basic layout in Word these days just because it's more accessible to people if I want to pass the template to someone else to edit.

The primary thing you're going to run into though - and this is speaking as someone who used to teach Desktop Publishing - is lack of layout and design knowledge. Simple things like how many spaces to you type after a period (the answer is one), or how much do you indent a paragraph (the answer is that it varies), or how do you add space between paragraphs (the answer is NOT by hitting a carriage return but by using the Paragraph Format of "Space After" or "Space Before".

You should also research and learn how to use and edit Character and Paragraph "Styles" (sometimes also called "Style Sheets" and available in Word, InDesign, Quark, etc) to apply consistent formatting to the text in your documents. If you define and apply a style to similar text throughout your document, and then want to change something about that kind of text in the document, all you do is edit the Style and it all changes wherever that Style is applied.

Finally, if you are planning to send these out via email and don't actually need a PDF document, consider using Constant Contact. It's editor for sending formatted email is easy to use and produces passable communications.
curAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your details comment . I have the selection issue with my requirement vs below courses
 please let me know the limitation or the reason to move to the next course .

In other words you need to do all or not  

Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Corel Draw X6
Adobe Indesign CS5
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe Flash CS6
Photo to VCD
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
I'm sorry, I don't understand your question. For "leaflets" and "flyers", MS Word may well be sufficient. I'm not familiar with the current version of PageMaker, the last version I used as PageMaker 6 over 15 years ago. Of the programs you list, the only two that are page layout programs are PageMaker and InDesign. Unless you have graphic design background - which it sounds like you do not - I would strongly recommend that you take a course in the use of either of these programs. If you can afford it and are really interested in learning more over the long term, then use InDesign, but I warn you that in order to learn to use the program effectively, you must learn basics about graphic design which you cannot learn just from using the program.

Take a class, do an online course and check into the books by Robin P. Williams such as "The Non-Designers Design Book"
curAuthor Commented:
Thanks . I will do the course as you mentioned . I hope future is digital marketing  . I know without  the graphic knowledge bit hart to get the right move
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
If you are interested in printed page layout specifically, then learn InDesign. The other programs are supplemental to that. Photoshop is primarily for working with bit-map images such as photographs; Illustrator can do single page layouts but is primarily designed for the creation of vector graphics like logos; Flash is for various kinds of web animation.

However, in my opinion, the single most important part of desktop publishing and page layout to learn in the beginning would be

the difference between Character and Paragraph Formatting

what each of the different type of formatting are such as leading, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, horizontal and vertical scale, first line indent, hanging indent, space before/after, horizontal and vertical justification, etc., and when and how to apply them
how to create, edit and apply Character and Paragraph styles
what are appropriate fonts to use in various situations and what makes fonts different from each other including serif/sans serif, x-height and other factors that affect readibility

When I have hired people in the past to do design work, knowledge of these things are the first thing I look for, and I can tell you that there are plenty of people around who have been using InDesign for years and who consider themselves experienced but have no idea how to create and apply a Style sheet.

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