Migrate Exchange and edge servers 2007 to 2013

I have to migrate Exchange 2007 with 5 mailbox databases and 900 mailboxes and an Edge server 2007 to 2013 version.
I think that the best way to do it is, first of all, install a new Edge server 2013 and replace 2007 by 2013. I have installed it already, and my first surprise is that on edge server 2013 is not present the exchange administration console and if you want to create a new connector you must to do it from mailbox server Exchange Admin Center after "import edge subscription", but.. whats about if you have not a exchange 2013 already? Will it work from Exchange administration console 2007?

Must I to recreate inbound/outbound connectors or Edge 2013 will sync the actually connectors I have??? I mean, if I set up a new edge server 2013 and I redirect port 25 to it, all connectivity between servers are ok and I do the import the edge subscription to the old Exchange server 2007, must to work properly or I have to take more considerations?
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It should work between versions as the edge subscription is just an XML file and active directory sync, but you could also just use it without the edge sync while you have 2007.

based on this technet article it looks like they are suggesting that you install a 2013 server into the organisation and use that for the edge connection and route to the edge via that.

Thats certainly the way i would recommend doing the migration for the internal servers, setup 2013 change mailflow so that it all comes and goes via the 2013 box and then migrate mailboxes
Toni IsystemsCTOAuthor Commented:
Nothing needed, Edge 2013 build the basic connector

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