XML and Xpath

Using VB.NET, I want obtain a collection of all xml elements within a file that have the same value for a certain attribute.   See XML below.  For example, I want all 'text' elements whose 'y' attribute is 292.969.  How do I do this?  


-<font src="Referral - Rosenbeger.pdf_font1.ttf" face="CHVVWW+Helvetica-Bold" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="33.455" y="277.219" x="20.25">FATHER</text>

<text height="9.217" width="23.372" y="277.219" x="103.5">RACE</text>

<text height="9.217" width="35.295" y="277.219" x="194.25">GENDER</text>

<text height="9.217" width="43.997" y="277.219" x="237">AGE (DOB)</text>

<text height="9.217" width="16.963" y="277.219" x="300">SSN</text>

<text height="9.217" width="29.337" y="277.219" x="324.75">PHONE</text>

<text height="9.217" width="40.334" y="277.219" x="381">ADDRESS</text>


-<font src="Referral - Anthony 639874.pdf_font2.ttf" face="RGIPLP+Helvetica" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="4.588" y="292.969" x="20.25">2</text>

<text height="9.217" width="66.025" y="292.969" x="31.5">Jackson, Robert</text>

<text height="9.217" width="85.273" y="292.969" x="103.5">Black/African American</text>


-<font src="Referral - Anthony 639874.pdf_font2.ttf" face="RGIPLP+Helvetica" size="8" color="#A9A9A9">

<text height="9.217" width="5.958" y="308.719" x="111.002">N</text>


-<font src="Referral - Anthony 639874.pdf_font2.ttf" face="RGIPLP+Helvetica" size="8">

<text height="9.217" width="16.501" y="308.719" x="122.211"> Hisp</text>

<text height="9.217" width="17.879" y="292.969" x="194.25">Male</text>

<text height="9.217" width="58.245" y="292.969" x="237">25 (06/10/1989)</text>

<text height="9.217" width="221.812" y="292.969" x="324.75">267-111-2222 100 Main Street, XZY PA, 19000</text>

<text height="9.217" width="4.588" y="324.469" x="20.25">3</text>

<text height="9.217" width="63.279" y="324.469" x="31.5">Anthony, Michael</text>

<text height="9.217" width="85.273" y="324.469" x="103.5">Black/African American</text>

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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi HLRosenberger;

Code like this should do what you need.

Imports System.Xml
Imports System.Xml.Linq

' Load a Well Formed XML document into memory             
Dim xdoc = XDocument.Load("C:\Working Directory\font.xml")
' The y value you want a collection of                    
Dim findYs As String = "292.969"                          
' Find all matching elements                              
Dim textElements As List(Of XElement) =                   
    (From txt In xdoc.Descendants("text")                 
     Where txt.Attribute("y").Value = findYs              
     Select txt).ToList()                                 
' Display the results                                     
For Each node As XElement In textElements                 

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HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
ok. Got it.  I also understand that XPATH can be used.  Do you is XPATH a better way to go?
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Proof of concept using Fernando's code -
Module Module1
	Sub Main()
		Dim document = XDocument.Load("Fonts.xml")

		Dim elements = (From descendant In document.Descendants("text")
		    Where descendant.Attribute("y").Value.Equals("292.969")
		    Select descendant)

		For Each element In elements
	End Sub
End Module

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Produces the following output -Capture.JPG-saige-
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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi HLRosenberger;

To your last post, "Do you is XPATH a better way to go?", the selector for the node is simple and no need to use XPath in MHO.
Miguel OzSoftware EngineerCommented:
"Do you is XPATH a better way to go?",
It depends what are aiming for:
1) Code more readable and maintainable.  (LINQ - Fernando's answer is the way to go)
2) Performance. (Depending on how big the file,  for big files that you need read information then  XPathNavigator is the way to go)
HLRosenbergerAuthor Commented:
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