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I have a Windows 2003 SBS.  Lately the monitor will stay on for about 15 seconds and then go black.  The settings on the monitor have not changed I have checked.  Been the same for 3 years.  I have changed out the monitor and the cable.  Same issue.  Seems like it is a video card problem or the VGA port on the server.  Any thing I should try to remedy this?
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You did test it properly, so therefore your conclusion is correct, probably video card.
If there's an expansion slot available (PCIexpress), just add it (or if the current one is there, just replace it).
Mr TorturSystem Engineer

did you check screensaver settings, alimentation settings in the OS?


How do you check alternate settings in the OS?  I have checked screen saver settings.
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There are no real settings that shut off your monitor WHILE YOU'RE WORKING on it (moving mouse, typing the keyboard).
The most logical conclusion is still some hardware issue.
Mr TorturSystem Engineer

Don't you have power settings in control panel on win2003 ? I do not remember 100%.
But yes, if this is when working on it, it should not go black, or even if it is going black if you move your mouse again it should come back displaying something.
Paul DawsCustomer Support Technical Specialist

I have seen some monitors where the refresh rate is out, this will cause the monitor to sync for a short while and then go off.
(This was CRT style monitors)

I have also known the video cable to cause this issue as it's not the correct cable and the monitor is not receiving the correct input to tell it its being used so it's timing out and going blank.

I'd check the monitor and cable on another system, if that is working fine, i'd delete the monitor from windows forcing an auto detect. If these things don't work then like the others suggest I'd look at the GFX card or slot.

You can also test the monitor by bypassing the O/S - Just boot machine and enter BIOS.. If the monitor works fine in BIOS then i'd suggest it's a driver / OS issue.

Hope this may help.
Top Expert 2013

boot from any live cd - if the problem still exists then it is hardware
if it is gone, it is a software/driver issue
here a Knoppix cd :

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