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Sonicwall redirect to different IP

I have leased line, with SonicWALL
Websites hosted in IIS

Server 1 IP is say
Server 2 IP is say

when client visits
IIS returns website on server 1

when client visits
IIS returns website on server 2

I want to ditch server 2, but let client keep their link

can I do this in SonicWALL or other ?
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Trent Smith
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Why don't you just change the IP address of the Server 2 to Server 1 in DNS and then verify that it is sending the traffic to the proper server.  This should have nothing to do with the firewall.
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I want to only have this happen with WEBSITES

so if do to on remote desktop,
or connect to it with SQL server database,
it still points to

so I don't think DNS would fix this
You would have to update the link to point to the correct IP address then.
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if you want to ditch server2 you have to move the website to a directory on server1 AND detach the database from server 2 then reattach the sql server data files to server1 and modify the web.config to reflect the new connection string. also add a binding to
create a new website (right click on sites and select new website. add the location of the files you copied from server 2 and edit the bindings.  You also have to edit dns settings OR in your edge router use NAT to redirect tcp port 80 / 443 to server1

is server2 named company2 ??
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Blue Street Tech
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